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PRE ICO Dates : 24/05/18 – 21/06/18
Ended ICO : 01/07/18 – 31/07/18

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About ICO (token sale)


Baanx’s mission is to operate as the “Amazon of Blockchain Financial Services” and is disrupting the Traditional Bank sector with a Decentralised Bank Ownership ethos designed to drive Blockchain and Cryptocurrency into everyday use across the world.

Baanx is the World’s 1st Decentralised Cryptobank & Crypto-Financial Services Network in a potential market of over $10 trillion. Baanx has huge growth on the cards as 100 new Network Brands are planned to be released over the next 14 months, all powered by BAANX BXX and complete with automated back-office and innovative AI functionality.

Baanx New Product Lines bring their goals to life and are just the beginning. They include Highly Secure Wallets with $10,000 “Wallet Insurance”, so you know your Crypto is guaranteed secure. “Price Lock” so you can lock the fiat value equivalent of your Cryptocurrencies for a set time without having to sell. Super-Fast Crypto-Exchange with Bespoke Mobile Crypto-Payment Virtual & Physical Cards so you can use Cryptocurrency and/or Fiat Currency to pay for things in Shops and Online easily whenever you want.

With less than 200 active Exchanges in the World trading $30 Billion a day, and many $Billions wanting to be used for normal Payments the scope for Baanx is massive. We will also be listing our BAANX BXX Token fast on our own Exchange, as well as 2 others very quickly.

Baanx CEO, Garth Howat states “The Fastest Way to Challenge Traditional Banks dominance and deliver real change is to allow new Crypto-Financial Services Brands to be released fast, all sharing licenses and products to get started quickly and engage their trusted customer base to drive Blockchain & Cryptocurrency use into the everyday. We do this through an “Open Access, Open Ownership, Open Source” mentality and grow an ethical, decentralised ownership structure in the Cryptocurrency sector”

In Detail, Baanx’s Innovative Products Include:

1) Super Secure Wallet with ‘Price Lock’ & “Wallet Insurance” – contributors to the ICO Early Bird & Pre-Sale will be the first to access our unique ‘Price Lock’ functionality for testing – fluctuations in BTC / ETH / LTC can be protected for a set time period per lock at the click of a button on your Mobile. Baanx is the 1st to offer $10,000 Insurance for Non-Fault Loss. You need fear Hacking no Longer!

2) Cryptocurrency & Fiat Mobile Payment Network. Baanx and Baanx Group Brands are delivering a fantastic Payments System which allows Customers to not only Pay with Cryptocurrencies, but also Fiat – huge savings in Fees and driving Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency Use to the Everyday. Early Bird & Pre-Sale Participants over 10ETH will get Platinum Membership Cards and Special Customer Status (enabling free Crypto-Fiat Payments and Merchant Payments up to $40,000 per annum).

3) Exchange with over 115 Coins to be traded releasing in Q3 2018, super-fast transaction speed and very low fees. Baanx pledges a free for life, ‘No Exchange Fees’ Platinum Customer pledge for Early Bird & Pre-Sale Participants in the Baanx ICO who contribute 10ETH or more.

All Baanx Profits will be reinvested back into the continued development of new products and their goal to achieve a global platform with all International Licenses. With $30billion traded daily on Exchanges and under 200 Exchanges in the market, as well as the huge market cap of Cryptocurrencies there are enormous opportunities for their Products. Baan Brands powered by the BAANX BXX Token which will be needed for all 100 Baanx Crypto-Financial Services brands’ customers and Brands to operate their applications.