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PRE ICO Dates : 26/04/18 – 24/05/18
Ended ICO : 07/06/18 – 18/07/18

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About BitImage ICO (token sale)

About BitImage

When mankind entered a new digital era, the development of channels for digital content delivery and consumption became a particularly topical issue. The society’s need for digital content is growing along with the penetration of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.) in our lives which leads to a more extensive use of this type of channels.

There have been major changes in public demands already. People feel the need to be always in touch while the Internet has become a necessary resource for constant information access. The mobile phone has ceased to be only a means of communication: for most users, a mobile device is an access to favorite music, videos, games, and images that one can watch on public transport, at home, on vacation or share with friends on social networks.

Thus, modern people no longer see themselves outside the information age. They constantly require access to various digital content through computers, laptops, and, especially, smartphones or tablets.