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Bill Payments and Money Transfers. Payportal ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 21/05/18 – 10/06/18
Ended ICO : 18/06/18 – 15/07/18

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About Payportal ICO (token sale)

About Payportal

Payportal Services Private Limited (hereinafter “Payportal”) is a privately-owned company that has been established in 2011 under the laws of India.

The current business area of Payportal is Delhi where we successfully manage 80 distributors and 2300 retailers.  The Payportal team has 21 people with the most in development and sales.

Based on the blockchain technologies we plan to develop:

  • cross border money transfers service between Indian migrants living abroad and their families in home country. PPTL coins will be acceptable as a means of payment and will be convertible into Indian rupees for the final leg of transaction.
  • loyalty program for customers and retailers as additional motivation for increasing the business and loyal behaviour to Payportal.
  • decentralization of data to protect information in case of hardware failure or hackers attack

Geographical expansion to other metropolitan areas of Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Jaipur is crucial for the Payportal growth and PPTL demand.