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Ended ICO : 01/07/18 – 30/09/18

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About MaxData ICO (token sale)

About MaxData

The current economic system is broken; business models in every industry are cluttered and inefficient. Each and every transaction that occurs is exponentially overpriced – with companies having to pay exorbitant marketing fees in their attempt to target potential consumers. Giant marketing corporations mine through huge piles of user data at great expense while trying to identify potential customers.

MaxData aims to fix the system. Our blockchain platform facilitates direct connections between consumers and service providers. By allowing users to share their data with the companies, businesses can bypass the expensive middleman processes, creating a cheaper, smoother transaction.

MaxData envisions a future beneficial to both consumers and service providers. Service providers will be able to target only relevant customers and with truly attractive offers, without relying on costly marketing. Thus, consumers will also gain from cheaper prices as well as no longer being hassled by the noise of spam, messages and advertisements of the current system.