PRE ICO Dates : 01/05/18 – 31/05/18
Active ICO : 01/06/18 – 01/08/18

Decentralized labor market

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UMKA ICO is more than just a decentralized labor market. It is an efficient project implementation and a team-building tool based on the blockchain technology.

UMKA is a comfortable space for cooperation between employers and contractors that offers a wide array of useful tools integrated into its system:

  • digital passport contains user’s data. The data is stored on the blockchain. The digital pass- port contains all the information about about user’s skills and qualifications, his/her work experience and a possible list of courses completed within UMKA platform sources. The digital passport makes easier for employers to find freelancers with the required skill set;
  • secure contracts using the unique AgileSC (Agile Smart Contracts) technology. Secure con- tracts are useful for making milestone payments as they make easier managing difficult long-term projects. In case of unforeseen situations, both parties can use UMKA Arbitration system to solve the issue;
  • arbitration system is a system for resolving the disputes that arise on the platform. The Ar- biter is another kind of UMKA system user, a disinterested party with a sufficient rating on the platform
  • project groups are for cooperation with groups of freelancers;
  • GNMT — Google Neural Machine Translation integrated in UMKA’s chat engine to help users from different countries communicate freely;
  • integrated online courses are a useful bonus for the users of the system that allows them to take online courses from world’s leading universities and learn new skills. The results are re- corded in their digital passports;
  • expert communities — communities and disputes that arise during the working process are moderated by the users of the platform. Users who have attained a certain rating can be- come Arbiters to participate in disputes, and also participate in the platform’s development by conveying the opinions of the masses.