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NRM is the world’s first decentralized expert and analytical platform for managing your crypto assets and exchanging information. Neuromachine ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 01/11/18 – 01/03/19

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web site Neuromachine
web site Neuromachine
web site Neuromachine
web site Neuromachine
web site Neuromachine
web site Neuromachine
web site Neuromachine
ICO Traffic Rank by Alexa: 6 306 538

About Neuromachine ICO (token sale)

Neuromachine ICO platform providing ultimate possibilities for managing your crypto assets and exchanging information about the world of cryptocurrency between trusted sources. User-friendly interface with artificial intelligence based on neural networks allows you to enter a new level of crypto interactions.

Neuromachine ICO major benefits:
– An internal NRM store that enable independent developers to monetize their own modules using our developer tools, for combined B2C & B2B ecosystem.
– Rating system for information verification
– NRM Assistant – artificial intelligence based on neural networks, built using the latest algorithms of self-learning, analysis, and comparison of self-corrected neurons.
– Crypto Wiki – the convenient knowledge base based on blockchain technology, where everyone can get any crypto information he needs.
– Trading Tools – a set of convenient tools for tracking and managing your crypto assets, allowing traders to save up to 90% of time.

3 main components of Neuromachine ICO business model:
1) subscription
2) fee for services provided through the platform
3) tokens as “fuel” for the uncommon features

Neuromachine ICO mission:
We at Neuromachine ICO believe that the technology of the block chain and cryptocurrency has firmly entered our lives, and we can only make the products of these technologies simple and understandable for as many people as possible

Neuromachine ICO project global priorities:
1) Ensure the availability of Finnish literacy to the public.
2) Make cryptocurrency processing as simple as possible
3) Provide access to proven knowledge
4) Ability to test your knowledge
This requires us to create a reliable operating platform capable of ensuring stable growth in all conditions. We are working to achieve this vision.