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Decentralised Meal Sharing on Blockchain. GrabAMeal ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 01/05/18 – 30/06/18
Ended ICO : 01/07/18 – 18/08/18

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web site GrabAMeal
web site GrabAMeal
web site GrabAMeal
web site GrabAMeal
web site GrabAMeal
web site GrabAMeal
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About GrabAMeal ICO (token sale)

What is GrabAMeal ICO?

The world is increasingly becoming global and mobile. People move around the world, from one city to another and from one place to another for pleasure or for work. In all this busy and time constrained life, finding the food one likes and wants usually takes a backseat. Whether one is travelling alone for business or for work, or one is travelling with family to a new destination, finding the places to eat can be a real challenge. Moreover, dining out, in recommended and listed restaurants can be really draining on the pocket, while not guaranteeing the satisfaction one seeks.

Why GrabAMeal ICO?

GrabAMeal is different from traditional online meal aggregation platforms as a distributed decentralized organization of sellers and buyers completely built on trust and provenance provided by the Blockchain ecosystem. The platform is simply a technical mechanism of ensuring trusted engagement between many distributed sellers and buyers, using the GAM token and the management of seller and buyer reputation, dispute resolution and ongoing quality management mechanism using specially designed “smart contracts”.

The GrabAMeal platform will not interfere in the business transactions of sellers and buyers apart from managing the processes defined for using the platform by various stakeholders.

GrabAMeal is a peer-to-peer marketplace and resolves the core issues of traditional models by use of built-in trust mechanism, to achieve:

– Payments & Incentives – Very minimum transaction fee for buyers or sellers on the platform using GAM token. Token based incentives for buyers and sellers, independent auditors, suppliers and other partners using a reward and penalty mechanism.

– Enhanced Trust – A robust blockchain based onboarding, review and feedback mechanism to ensure accuracy of information and quality of food delivered.

– Transparent rewards – The platform rewards the actual stakeholders (sellers and buyers) of the benefits of growth in value of the GrabAMeal platform by means of reward tokens for expansion, participation and promotions. As the platform grows in volume of buyers and sellers and consequently transactions of the GAM token, the members of the GrabAMeal platforms will earn incremental benefits through carefully designed reward mechanisms.

– Dispute resolution and quality control mechanisms – GrabAMeal members, buyers and sellers, will invariably face many mismatches of expectations and divergence. A mechanism to involve other sellers and buyers and
independent food experts (auditors) in dispute resolution shall be developed. All participants will have a pre- defined role and will be able to vote in dispute resolution incidents in exchange for GAM tokens.

Market opportunity is expected to grow even bigger as more and more people in the 15 to 45 age group prefer to eat outside. GrabAMeal will not only be an online platform that connect diners with hosts in a very unique way, the platform will provide a personalized and home-like dining environment anywhere, almost at any time.
The GrabAMeal platform will execute fairness, security and trust through a set of proprietary process protocols, the GrabaMeal Identification and the GrabaMeal Dispute Resolution protocols.