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Ended ICO : 01/05/18 – 01/07/18

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web site GDPR Cash
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web site GDPR Cash
web site GDPR Cash
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About GDPR Cash ICO (token sale)


GDPR Cash Services and Solutions


Our main service is the marketplace where any business, especially those operating online, can submit a GDPR verification request with a fixed or floating budget and receive help from the experts in our network. This service is suitable for small websites, blogs and e-commerce businesses. The service is paid for using our ERC20 tokens – the GDPR Cash.

We provide all parties with a secure escrow contract, implemented through a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain which grants the transactions between the parties. Once the experts’ part is fulfilled and confirmed by the client, their payment will be released. Then, we will issue a unique digital certificate to verify the process, date, time and result. We register the certificate on the blockchain to serve as a confirmation the process is complete and give the client a special badge and a widget to show as a concrete proof to his customers or other interested parties.


Our GDPR Cash token, containing the GDPR symbol, is a standard ERC20-compliant Ethereum token. It is pre-minted and distributed between users and experts through a presale and an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Once the ICO has ended, the token can be bought or received only by its respective owner, e.g. a participant in the ICO. The services we provide will be purchasable solely via tokens.


Experts can register on our platform at no charge and will be listed on our websites. They will receive bonus tokens upon registering. Each expert agrees to receive tokens as a compensation for certain aspects of their services such as consultation or the audition process through our marketplace. As our platform evolves, we are to start charging the experts for better positioning and advertisement of their services. Experts will not be charged for the first few months following the ICO thanks to the bonus tokens they receive after registration. This will also motivate them to provide better services to their clients.


Our service is intended for website owners, mobile applications or any other offline or online business working with the personal data of EU citizens. They will receive access to a long list of experts and services. Our clients can work with an expert by contacting them directly or through our platform. They can also post a request for assistance on the marketplace. Using our platform offers many benefits. For example, a question can be answered by multiple experts since all of them will be motivated to take a reward in the form of tokens.


The process of verification works like this:
A website owner wants to verify their website is compliant with the regulation. They use our marketplace to submit a request for verification. They set up a budget and make a deposit in our escrow contract using GDPR Cash. All experts in our network can see and apply for the request. Those who want to participate answer the request and we exchange their contacts with the client. After the consultation and verification by the expert(s) is finished and all parties agree on the completion, the escrow will release the funds to the experts. Our system will issue a digital verification certificate which will be registered on the blockchain. The website owner will be provided with a widget (code/plugin) to put on their website, thus proving the verification process to their users (Proof of Service). The certificate has a validity of 1 year.