WhenHub ICO (WHEN token)

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WHEN Token

Active ICO : 19/03/18 – 19/09/18

Person-to-person micro-contracts using the blockchain

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WhenHub Interface makes it easy for Consumers to find Experts on any topic, then video call them for knowledge-sharing. The call financial details are handled with a Smart Contract that uses our WHEN Token cryptocurrency. We have a bigger vision for the mobile app, including implementation of Patent Pending features. ICO funds will enable us to build on the momentum we have developed by continuing to enhance the app and increase user adoption. We have a white paper that outlines our vision, but more importantly we already have a shipping product on both Apple and Google app stores, greatly increasing our chances for success.

WhenHub is building the WhenHub Interface Network (WIN) platform to solve the under-utilization problem of independent workers by seamlessly addressing discovery, availability, trust, interaction and payment. Using WIN, people seeking Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can find them, determine a time slot for interacting with them, verify their reputation, interact with them, and finally pay for the SME’s time, without friction and with the convenience of a mobile application.

WIN is being created by extending WhenHub’s existing Application Programming Interface (API), “Studio” web application, “Approach” mobile application, and adding additional application components to enable access via digital utility tokens called “WHEN Tokens.” WIN is not a single application, but an ecosystem that uses blockchain-based smart contracts to create innovative ways in which independent workers and customers can connect for business transactions.

WHEN Token economics

WhenHub will introduce an ERC20-compliant utility token called the “WHEN Token” that will be used on the WhenHub Interface Network (WIN).

Our goal is to develop a network effect for WIN by providing users with WHEN Token rewards as they increase their participation on the network. The detailed token economics for this will be developed over the next several months to ensure there is a balance between supply and demand for WHEN Tokens. These efforts may not be successful in achieving the desired balance.

We believe that all participants in WIN can benefit from the tokenized ecosystem we are creating and that WHEN Tokens will have meaningful use in their hands:

  • SMEs: WIN would offer a direct to consumer advertising and distribution solution. As an SME demonstrate its value to buyers, we expect their profile to become more valuable. SMEs can be paid in WHEN Tokens, thereby simplifying the backend payment process. While a seller of a certain type of knowledge or service, an SME may be a buyer of another type of knowledge or service and can use WHEN Tokens for those arrangements.
  • Buyers: WIN would allow buyers to locate, verify, interact with, and pay for an SME’s time, without friction and with the convenience of a mobile application.
  • Website owners: Owners of websites will have the ability to earn WHEN Tokens by displaying availability of seller time slots on web pages based on a match between the web page topic and the SME’s area of knowledge or performance focus. These “publishers” will also potentially be buyers or sellers on WIN.
  • Partners: Companies that provide verification services for buyers and sellers will be designated as “partners” and will have the ability to earn WHEN Tokens by providing such services. These companies will also potentially be buyers or sellers on WIN.

Within this ecosystem, WhenHub also intends to grant awards of a small number of WHEN Tokens to educational institutions to help students in socio-economically disadvantaged neighborhoods gain access to tutors and SMEs on WIN.