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Aquaoin technology directly convert salt water into pure drinking water. AQUAOIN ICO rating – not rated.


Ended ICO : 09/06/18 – 15/06/18

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About AQUAOIN ICO (token sale)

The Aquaoin’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is based on the premise of generating revenue to commission a Research and Development (R&D) infrastructure to develop, test, and finalize a state-of-art production machine, capable of producing pure drinking water from the various sources available around us.

Following this, Aquaoin will have state-of-art smart portable machines which will be 60% cheaper than available RO (reverse osmosis) machines. Its primary focus would be on developing such machine which would produce the Himalayan equivalent water.

The Aquaoin Group’s endeavor- ‘Water 2 All’- is to develop an intelligent technology that can be used anywhere around the globe to produce hassle-free potable water. The state- of-art technology machine will be self-reliant, reliable, non-polluting, energy-efficient and cost effective.

The Aquaoin intends to create a whole new open marketplace of genuine natural water, where everyone will have access to all forms of water required by them with cheap and transparent solutions.

To realize this dream, aim, Aquaoin’s water technology tied up with the revolutionary new age cyber technology- blockchain to maintain maximum credibility which will ensure 100% protection against a counterfeit product, water safety and quality control by confirmation of the place of origin and a transparent chain of supply to the end-user.


Water is fundamental to life- a basic right to livelihood. But clean drinking water is a mirage because there is an acute scarcity of potable water available to us.
Indeed, there is an abundance of water on our planet (more than 70%), but most of it is in the oceans, in the polar ice caps, and in the atmosphere, and is not available to drink or use. ‘Water 2 All’ intends to capture some of the water that is available through recycling. Aquaoin is developing a system to efficiently turn wastewater into usable, drinking water where it is needed around the world – in developing nations, drought areas, disaster zones, and more.
Our vision is to capitalize on recent technological advancements in the digitization of assets with a focus on availability of pure Himalayan ‘Water 2 All’. We envisage an alternative to the traditional capital markets made possible by the ability to create a new class of digital assets.
The purpose of this Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is to generate funding to complete a thorough Research and Development (R&D) effort to develop, test, and finalize a production ready machine, capable of producing purest drinkable form of water in lower price.
The White Paper attempts to explain the real water issues driving this project, the road maps related to acquiring technology, ICO specifications, and the team involved in its development.
The document will provide potential investors with clear insight into our strategy for the implementation of decentralized ownership of digital assets backed by a physical store of wealth.