Winstars ICO (WINS token)

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Decentralized gaming platform with a catalog of gambling resources. WinStars ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 10/05/17 – 20/05/17
Ended ICO : 03/06/17 – 03/07/17

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web site WinStars
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About WinStars ICO (token sale)

Winstars ICO is an international online gambling operator built on the basis of integration of new IT-solutions in online gambling and Blockchain technology. Winstars gives a unique possibility to make a bet for every amateur of gambling games regardless of his/her location and income.

The basis for the operation of Winstars platform shall be the decentralized system of smart-contracts responsible for ensuring fair distribution of random numbers and playing cards at casino’s tables and poker rooms, as well as for distribution of funds to clients’ accounts.

Winstars is building a system which would guarantee transparency and fairness for all gambling games presented.

Thanks to the advantages which are to be implemented at the Winstars platform, many industry’s problems associated with the trust issues, entry to international markets and protection of users’ personal data will be solved. Any person can get acquainted with the operating activity of the platform thanks to open access to public registry with mathematical proof of identity.

Using of Blockchain technology in the online gambling operator’s structure allows creating a completely transparent system. The result of every single game or a number, dealing of a subsequent playing card are random and are determined by random generation multifactor model, when the final value is determined based on several indicators of input data.

WINS token plays the most important role in the platform operation. The token is the platform’s payroll unit and will be used for accepting of bets or fees for admission to gaming table. Thanks to use of crypto currencies in the operator’s system, every lover of gambling games worldwide has the possibility to make a bet with minimal transaction fees and bureaucratic costs.

Using of tokens in the system minimizes bureaucracy formalization, reduces time for receipt of funds in the client’s account and commission fee, as well as provides high liquidity of funds and the possibility to e ect transfers worldwide.
Winstars has an enormous potential for attraction of international clients. By providing perfect service of gaming, guaranteeing payment of winnings, Winstars gives chance to gamers from all over the world to play favorite gambling games with minimal entry commissions (Ethereum gas), with no worries about blocking of funds.

WINS token

WINS token is the Winstars platform’s internal negotiable payment instrument, all in-game bets are made using it. The token is also a sole mean to pay for additional premium services at the platform. The token is deeply integrated into the system in order to ensure its maximum circulation, since the value of any crypto currency grows exponentially along with the increasing of the number of agents using it.