TYDO ICO (TYD token)

tydo ico


Ended ICO : 28/05/18 – 20/07/18

TYDO is a multifunctional trading platform focused on active traders

TYDO ICO is a modern multifunctional platform designed for efficient interaction with cryptocurrency exchanges that includes Trading Terminal with fully customizable interface and built-in technical analysis tools, sharing users’ trading strategies and ideas, and features a unique automation solution for your trading strategies and ideas.

TYDO is a multifunctional trading platform focused on active traders. TYDO platform includes the following products:
1. Trading Terminal with automation capabilities.
2. Marketplace for exchanging trading strategies and ideas.
3. Social Trading Platform.


TYDO fundamental priorities are security, reliability, and functionality.
TYDO will be hosted on Amazon servers that provide maximum security, flexible scalability and enable the use of the product with maximum efficiency and minimum delay from anywhere in the world.

We are using the most advanced JavaScript technologies, which guarantee reliability, speed, and ability to withstand heavy loads 24/7.

API keys provided by you, which are necessary to fully use all the platform features, will be securely encrypted. It will be almost impossible to get an unauthorized access to the API keys.


There will be 2 rounds of TYDO Token Sale:

  • Pre-Sale round will allow us to determine a level of interest in the product and
    provide an early opportunity to loyal contributors to join in prior to the Main Token Sale. It will have a maximum duration of 2 weeks. If soft cap of 500 ETH is not reached all contributed ETH will be refunded. Pre-Sale will close early if hard-cap of 1,000 ETH is reached. All unsold TYD tokens will go into the Main Token Sale stage. A total of 15,000,000 TYD will be offered during the Pre-Sale (including 25% bonus).
  • Main Token Sale will happen approximately 3 weeks after Pre-Sale. Main Token Sale will have a maximum duration of 4 weeks with hard cap of 10,000 ETH. Token sale will close early if target amount is reached. A total of 125,000,000 TYD will be offered during the Main Token Sale.

Tokens will be distributed in a first-come-first-served basis. Unsold tokens in the Pre- Sale round will go into the Main Token Sale.

Expected allocation of the TYD Tokens:

● Main Token Sale – 63%
● Team and Founders – 15%
● Early Contributors – 7%
● Private Investors – 6%
● Marketing and Bounty – 9%