LIGER seeks to build a utility of choice for the Ofine and Online Casino sand Sports Betting

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PRE ICO Dates : 18/04/18 – 16/06/18
Ended ICO : 17/06/18 – 01/08/18

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web site Ligercoin
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web site Ligercoin

LIGER seeks to build a utility of choice for the Offline and Online Casinos, Online Fantasy Sports and Sports Betting using the Blockchain technology.

  • Establish as preferred mode of payment: LIGER seeks to establish itself as the preferred mode of payment for Offline and Online Casinos, Fantasy Sports and Live Sports Betting Websites. The role that LIGER envisages for it self is in wide acceptance across merchants leading to increased demand at the Exchanges.
  • Launch its own Offline and Online Casinos and Fantasy Sports websites: LIGER will acquire and run 3 – 5 fully owned Offline Casinos. LIGER also plans to part lease tables in existing Offline Casinos to run its own games.
  • Acceptance Across Offline Casinos Liger will ensure that all the major players in the Offline Casino space accept the Liger Tokens as a mode of payment for Gaming. Liger users will be incentivized for using the Liger Tokens through exclusive promotions.
  • Drive traffic to the Casinos through special promotions for the Community members in all Offline Casinos accepting LIGER. This will provide the holders an option to use LIGER at a wide array of Service Providers across the globe.
  • Decentralize the marketplace completely and do away with the Intermediaries. LIGER Community users (Gamers / Service Providers) will be able to do a peer to peer exchange of content against LIGER Tokens. LIGER will actively support a direct contact between the two.
  • Use SMART CONTRACTS on the Ethereum platform and Blockchain technology to maintain complete transparency and fairness in the pay-outs and gaming outcome.
  • Build trust between the Gamer and the Service Provider. Currently,the biggest gainer sin the betting Industry are the Bookmakers. They make money through the losses incurred by their clients. These losses are then divided amongst the Service Providers and the Bookmakers. Liger, through its unique Staking mechanism completely democratizes the Marketplace. Token holders are free to choose to play For or Against the Casino.
  • Liger also brings the thrill of Offline live gaming to your hand held device. Liger allows the Token Holders to place bets on live tables at the Casino and watches the tables and deals from the comfort of their home.