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PRE ICO Dates : 08/06/18 – 21/07/18
Ended ICO : 21/07/18 – 30/09/18

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About Bitcub ICO (token sale)

The BITCUB ICO team are delivering financial instruments including decentralised apps (DAPPS) and a finance platform for managing, communicating, generating, sending and receiving credit and funds.

This blockchain technology enables the delivery of :

  1. A core banking system.
  2. Secure and compliant customer centric smart contracts for all agreements.
  3. A fully integrated cross border payment/remittance system
  4. New member engagement products.
  5. A new system whereby community members can earn credits from doing good deeds. These credits can then be sponsored by another party and transformed into BITCUB or another currency.

This platform will allow only the very best DLT companies to participate in providing these services and the Artificial Intelligence Engine will only select the best technology for a given application. This platform is being created for the long term and those participating will be able to benefit from beneficial rates on loans and savings products in addition to an appreciating crypto currency BITCUB which can be also be traded in exchange for goods and services.

The main benefits for Community Focused Financial Organisation (CFFO’s) are associated with reduced operational costs (up to 30%) , new engagement products, and improved security and compliance.

From a user perspective, additional benefits include a more streamlined process for accessing finance, low cost remittances, better interest rates on savings and loans, the ability to get credits from fellow community members and earn in the process, engaging new products for children and partaking in a global community with a genuine focus on inclusion, development and wealth fostering.

A principle differentiator from other ICO’s is the fact that this technology can be provided by credit unions and other community focused finance organisations that have earned the respect of its members over the years offering integrity, credibility and stability.

The process for the application of a full banking licence has been started and this will complete in by the middle of 2019. This will allow BITCUB to operate as a ‘challenger bank’ in certain jurisdictions.

ICO and Marketing of Tokens (BCU token)

The marketing of the tokens will be conducted using a combination of trade organisations websites news articles, blogs and conferences where we will be doing live demos of transactions on mobile, tablet and desktop. We will also be doing peer to peer transfers off line (sans internet).
There will be two parts to the ICO. The pre ICO and the ICO itself.