Decentralcoin ICO (DCC token)

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The utility asset that makes mining affordable. Decentralcoin ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 15/05/18 – 15/11/18

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web site Decentralcoin
web site Decentralcoin
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ICO Traffic Rank by Alexa: 17 618 095

About Decentralcoin ICO (token sale)

Decentralcoin wants to make the mining activity accessible to those who can not afford the expensive equipment now needed for this activity. By building mining centers and offering multiple versions of cloud mining plans, Decentralcoin will meet the growing demand for this activity and eliminate the complexities of access.

Mining Centers

Fossil or atomic energy will never be used by our mining centers because we are committed to environment protection.

All our centers will be designed in 3D in advance by an experienced engineer in this area domain and customized for each location to maximize space, manage temperature and lower energy costs.

Thermal recovery is a process used in air conditioning to recover the heat emitted by an element and transform it into an energy source. It is then used to re-feed miners.

Our team has extensive experience in this field and this technology will help us reduce our activity costs and our energy borrowing.

DCC Debit Card

Your DCC debit card will allow you to access your funds without endless delays in more than 3,000,000 ATM worldwide and purchase in-store or online.

Part of DCC card user’s fees will be given to holders by an SEO program whose discounts will be in the savings wallet.

Practical, safe and at the lowest cost of the market, DCC card is the tool par excellence for DCC holders.

DCC Wallet

Decentralcoin Wallet on PC/Mac and its Android/iPhone application with basic functions will be available at the launch of DCC.

This tool will be used to perform DCC transfers within 60 seconds regardless of its users’ location in the world.

This module will be used to administer several modules that will be added to the wallet.


Your DCCs and other digital assets to which miners’ hash power is allocated.

A clear list of all transactions including maintenance and electricity costs will be visible in order to track the progress of scales assets.


DCC Debit Card module will allow the deposit of DCC on the card for removal in an ATM. It will therefore be possible to track the balance in real time and add DCC as needed.

Token ticker : DCC
Price per Token : 0.55$

Total Token supply : 999 999 999
ICO Distribution for ICO : 7.535%
Pre-mine : 350 000 000
Accepted currency : BTC, LTC , BCH , DHS , ETH , ERC20 , shapeshift conversion
Personal Cap : Min 0.003 BTC – 30$ / Max : 28 BTC