Tutellus ICO (TUT token)

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Tutellus is the biggest online educational collaborative platform in the Spanish-speaking world. Tutellus ICO rating – 92

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PRE ICO Dates : 10/05/18 – 11/06/18
Ended ICO : 12/06/18 – 31/01/19

Business: 20/20 Product: 5/5 WP: 10/10 
Roadmap: 7/10 Legal: 4/5 ICO terms: 4/5 
Team: 18/20 Token applying: 5/5 Promotion: 19/20 
web site Tutellus
web site Tutellus
web site Tutellus
web site Tutellus
web site Tutellus
web site Tutellus
web site Tutellus
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Rank in US – 468560, Rank in IN – 379287, Rank in RU – 896505

About Tutellus ICO (token sale)

Tutellus.com is the biggest online educational collaborative platform in the Spanish-speaking world, and Tutellus.io pretends to become the first collaborative & decentralized Educational Platform worldwide. We started in may 2013 and now we have a community of +1 million users from 160 countries, with over 130,000 video courses, positioning us as the leading platform in the market.

Tutellus aims to break the status quo, introducing a new paradigm in the student-teacher relationship with the creation of a new decentralized system to strengthen the commitment of both students and teachers . Tutellus is the first educational platform that pays students for learning ( proof of learning ) and remunerates the teachers according to their impact in the success of their students ( proof of teaching ).

Tutellus contributes three key elements to make this a successful project:
1. A business model at work since 2013 with a community of one million users and 130,000 video courses.
2. A platform that pays users for their actions and contributions.
3. An application of Blockchain technology that answers perfectly the needs of the online educational market.

Tutellus ICO (TUT token)

The main objective of Tutellus is to create a new educational model that answers to the challenges of the market: train and identify the most committed students, increase the involvement of the best teachers, and strongly tie an educational community – the student body and teacher faculty – to the job market.

Pulling people out of Poverty by paying and matching them with Jobs
Imagine a platform that help people to leave poverty behind . Tutellus plans to partially fund education for some of its students that are studying for available jobs.

Adding value to the Students
Imagine a platform that rewards the best students for their participation . The logic is simple: the better the training the student gets, the higher the value of the student for both the education community and companies (employers, job placement agencies, other service providers). This higher value of the student body stretches across the education platform to reach employers, and further into society as a whole.

Adding value to the Teachers
Imagine a platform in which teachers are rewarded for the excellence of their students : the more the students become relevant to the education platform and the job market, the more money their teachers will receive. Improving the students’ relevance will motivate the teachers, which in turn will significantly improve students’ motivation, the quality of the content, and the teachers’ commitment to their students.

Adding value to Companies searching for Candidates
Imagine a platform where companies may find the perfect fit for a position or contract. The platform will help students become more relevant to companies by creating a virtuous circle motivating the entire community of teachers and students. Students will be identified as job candidates by companies by their value in any specific learned skill.

Tutellus Token
Tutellus platform platform will measure the commitment of the students and teachers, as well as the educational value that they provide in the platform, and will provide a measure of relevance through an internal STUT token. This system will also include functionalities associated with transactions, governance, and access.

The model uses two different tokens: TUT and Smart TUT (aka STUT). TUT will be used as the platform’s currency and to interact with other platforms and currencies.

Smart TUT or STUT, will not be directly tradable in fiat, and will be granted to reward users who contribute educational value to the platform and as a measure of the quality of their participation.
A user may earn STUT in multiple ways, all of them related to learning or helping other users to learn. The number of STUT tokens held by a user provides a measure of the relevance and the importance of this user for the platform. An additional reward system will grant additional benefits for holding high amounts of STUT tokens.

The STUT tokens can be partly traded for TUT tokens or stored in the user’s virtual wallet as a measure of Relevance in the platform, which will provide benefits in the long term (such as job matching enabling companies to access to better employees, companies looking for influencers, lead acquisition, etc.). The user cannot buy STUT at any point: it must be earned by doing actions inside the platform.
Token Information

15000 TUT = 1 ETH
Total Supply : 1,500,000,000 TUT (For Sale – 60%)
HardCap – $40M
Minimum Purchase Requirement Pre Sale – 5 ETH
Early bird Bonus – Up to 20%
Minimum Purchase Requirement Main Sale – 0.05 ETH
Early bird Bonus – Up to 10%
Currencies accepted – ETH, BTC, XEM, LTC, BCH, ZCASH, DASH, USD (only in preSale)