BeepBeep Nation ICO (EMINENT token)

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EMINENT Token – Fuel For The BeepBeep Nation App. The BeepBeep Nation ICO rating – not rated.

ICO The BeepBeep Nation Visit The BeepBeep Nation ICO site

PRE ICO Dates : 27/06/18 – 03/07/18
Ended ICO : 04/07/18 – 25/07/18

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web site The BeepBeep Nation
web site The BeepBeep Nation
web site The BeepBeep Nation
web site The BeepBeep Nation
web site The BeepBeep Nation
web site The BeepBeep Nation

About The BeepBeep Nation ICO (token sale)

The BeepBeep Nation mobile app for both iOS and Android provides an all-in-one solution for our users to solve their daily problems very quickly, by enabling them to help each other out when help is urgently required.

It does this by facilitating the connection between a person needing help (“requestor”) and the person providing the help (“helper”). From getting the latest, freshest information from real people in specific locations, to getting rides or places to stay in from people in specific locations who don’t mind helping out their fellow users, to getting quick help in cases of distress including people with a medical emergency or those who are missing a family member or pet at that moment and needing help to find them quickly, and more – BeepBeep Nation makes the requesting and provision of any type of help the most efficient and effective they can be.

Requestors can opt to reward helpers with a Gratitude Tip after the requested help is rendered. However the requestor is not compelled to offer any tip at all, but if one is offered, the helper is likewise not compelled to accept it.

Both requestors and helpers deal with each other independently from BeepBeep Nation, and BeepBeep Nation does not partake in any arrangement between them. Neither requestors nor helpers are employees of, or independent contractors for, BeepBeep Nation. Both requestors and helpers act for themselves and decide among themselves and for the BeepBeep Nation community in cases of dispute.

In promoting and encouraging a helping economy, BeepBeep Nation not only makes the world a better place, but also brings its users closer as they will usually need to meet up in person to render the help requested, while also resolving their disputes themselves. This is a significant step up from popular social media apps where users usually interact behind a smartphone or computer screen the vast majority of the time.


The name of our token is EMINENT (EMN). “EMINENT” is chosen because in the context of a person, it means “respected”; and as an attribute of a person, it represents a positive quality that is noticeable. EMINENT is what BeepBeep Nation users should aspire to when they use the app.

The EMINENT token is not securities as defined under Singapore’s Securities and Futures Act (please refer to our disclaimers). They are utility tokens and can be used in the following manner:

To incentivise the team, BeepBeep will be keeping 20% of all EMN Tokens sold, or a maximum of 31,250,000.00 EMN Tokens, whichever is lower, generated at the end of the Token Generation Event (TGE).

Tokens not sold in the sale pool will be burned. No other coins will be generated at the close of the token sale, the total supply will be capped at 156,250,000 EMN Tokens, of which 80% or a maximum of 125,000,000 EMN Tokens will be in circulation.