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eByte creates an internationally decentralized eSports ecosystem. eByte ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 01/09/18 – 30/09/18
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web site eByte
web site eByte
web site eByte
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web site eByte
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About eByte ICO (token sale)

The main objective of the eByte ICO project is to create an internationally accepted and widely used monetary system for eSports, to ensure participating leagues, teams and players can be fairly compensated for their commitment and achievements while preserving the decentralized nature of digital sports.

To achieve this goal, we are creating various platforms and portals, including a system of smart contracts, an online marketplace where service providers can exchange their services for eBytes, and an idea portal where enthusiasts can generate funding and support innovative projects.

We also intend to create platforms for various games using the eByte, including competitive ladder systems, websites for mini-games, and a variety of mobile apps and games. Players, teams and enthusiasts will not be required to use our portals. eByte trading will be available on many common crypto exchanges as soon as our coins are published.

After we release the eByte, eSports leagues will be able to distribute prize money and start fees, just as real sports organizations do.

Leagues that already support the eByte project and will use the eByte as currency are listed in the partner section on our homepage.

By establishing such a monetary system among participating eSports leagues, teams and players, they finally can be rewarded for their successes.

eByte Platform

With expertise from various partners and the support of the eSports community, we will develop, deploy and operate high-performance platforms and portals for a large number of users, helping to establish the eByte compensation system, promote eSports in the long term, and enable sustainable cash flow and a lively share price performance.

In addition to intelligent contracts our initial planned eByte platforms and portals include:

eSports Betting Portal

Fans can bet on their favorite players or teams and earn prizes as they view streamed games and follow the latest eSports news. League managers or teams can earn revenue by receiving shares on a percentage basis of bets made on their streams or of results-bets.

Idea Portal

Enthusiastic developers can use this portal to describe a project that adds value to the digital sports scene as well as receive support from members of the eSports community, to run the project onto the eByte blockchain.

Market Place

Coder, Graphic Designer, Streamer, Copywriter and other service providers can use our web portal and smart contracts to market their skills to teams, league leaders and tournament organizers, receive payments in eByte and build their reputation in the eSports community.

Team Market

Leagues and teams can use this online market to buy, sell, or trade team tokens and win investors for their projects.

Gaming Portal

In the gaming portal, you can play with or without bets, make secure deposits and withdrawals without limits, work your way up our competitive game rankings and receive additional bonuses for successfully participating in all kinds of games. Furthermore you will be able to play all kinds of manager- and mini games in the browser or as a smartphone app and lead your club to the championship.

The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse provides a free platform for the public image of your team or club, where you can visualize and organize your club, publish game dates and announcements, share information about other club activities, receive tradable collectables and adapt and professionalize your own club in different ways.

Technical Specs of the eByte cryptocoin (not the ERC20 token for the ICO):

Coin: Proof of Authority
Block Time: 5 Seconds
Block Reward: 0.35 eBytes
POA block halving: none
Coins generated per day: 6048
Hash Algorithm: Ethash
Max Amount: 47,000,000
Amount Pre-Mined: 4,700,000 (10%)
Pre-Mine: Genesis Block
ETH Fork Version: Homestead