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A digital currency wallet that brings next-generation UX and UI to cryptocurrency user.. Denarii Cash ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 01/12/18 – 31/12/18
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web site Denarii Cash
web site Denarii Cash
web site Denarii Cash
web site Denarii Cash
web site Denarii Cash
web site Denarii Cash
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About Denarii Cash ICO (token sale)

Denarii.Cash is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet for smartphones running on iOS and Android that offers convenient, secure and transparent way of converting, sending and receiving cryptocurrency, pay bills and accept payments to any mobile phone number powered by stellar blockchain and Ethereum smart contract.

Since the inception last February 2017, Denarii Cash have taken considerable amount of efforts to refactor our mobile application. Denarii Cash is now a peer-to-peer multi-cryptocurrency wallet payment service (“Denarii Cash Wallet”) for smarthphones available via an app on Android and iOS devices.

The services uses Horizon, a client facing API server for stellar network to store digital cash deposits, facilitate digital cash transfers between any two smarthphones and ethereum smart contract that facilitates the staking agreement between individuals, cashpoints, businesses, developers and denarii cash company. Now available for download.

Denarii Core an interface for denarii cash wallet, it can be used for the following operations and functions.

  • Developers Access Function: Developers needs to stake DCash token to connect third party DApp ie: marketplace, insurance and more.
  • Voting Rights: Denarii Cash token holders, will be able to vote on important company decisions such as third party developers releases.
  • Analytics & Updates: Developers, Cashpoints and Business will be able to track transaction and automatically generate analytics reports.