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PRE ICO Dates : 22/12/17 – 04/01/18
Ended ICO : 16/01/18 – 15/08/18

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web site BITTO
web site BITTO
web site BITTO
web site BITTO
web site BITTO
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About BITTO ICO (token sale)

Our goal is providing users a synergetic platform for all their cryptocurrency operations.

Our mission is to further develop the Bitto Platform following the user-centric approach and therefore play a part in the raising the world’s awareness about the benefits of cryptocurrency. We strive to inspire the mass adoption of the Bitto tokens resulting in its everyday usage in society.

We plan to extend the reach of Bitto by using our global offices to help build physical servers that would provide faster and smoother trading. Currently, we are working on gathering a dedicated support team, and because we believe in decentralized, our whole team are internationally based and committed by a one believe that Bitto will be the next top Exchange.

What is BITTO

Bitto token is the official digital asset of Bitto. The Bitto token will serve as the primary value transfer medium for users in the Bitto community.

Bitto is a Proof of Stake token based on the Ethereum token ERC20. It is backed by the Ethereum blockchain to provide for lower transaction costs and benefits from the rise in prices on both ETH and BTC. Contributors can purchase Bitto tokens at the time of TGE, мand later enjoy special privileges at the launch of the Bitto exchange.

Bitto plans to distribute a total of 12 million Bitto tokens (depending on the number of tokens sold, it may be less). Afterward, no more Bitto tokens will be produced beyond the total supply of 23 million Bitto to protect the value of the token.

The price for Bitto token is $1 with further incentives and tier benefits.

Why Choose BITTO

Our team ensures that trades seamless and secure. Users will have access to six core service models:

  • Peer-to-peer lending and borrowing
  • Increasing liquidity and encouraged financial progress
  • Referral program
  • Signals from professional traders
  • Multiple sources of revenue

Therefore, the amount of potential profits for users of Bitto is in nite. Even having close to zero experience in trades doesn’t affect their trading opportunities. They can be sure to have successful trades with Bitto’s team of professional trading experts. Users can watch their trades and copy their success.

Moreover, the income from referral commissions is also a significant financial benefit. Users may gain up to 35% in commissions depending on whether the user is
a contributor or a non-contributor.

We also o er support for local businesses through the peer-to-peer lending service. It helps users provide financial support for one another without jeopardizing the growth of their cryptocurrencies.

We understand the volatility of local currencies, so we do not encourage to keep money in the at currency for too long. Instead, we invite them to contribute to the Bitto growth by acquiring Proof-of-Stake (POS) based Bitto tokens.

In a case our users are concerned about the rising challenges of energy and the blockchain, the Bitto team has also thought about that. Instead of the proof of work mechanism that consumes lots of energy resources and, therefore, raises the cost of running blockchain transactions, Bitto token utilizes the POS to stabilize their income with passive Bitto earning in an environmentally-friendly way.