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World’s first Universal decentralized Global P2P Logistics Platform. Dafzo ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 01/09/18 – 01/10/18

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web site Dafzo
web site Dafzo
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web site Dafzo
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About Dafzo ICO (token sale)

Dafzo Ecosystem is the fusion of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain and the Patent International Trade Finance. Dafzo Ecosystem uses cognitive science at the different level of task execution and all the activity on the Dafzo Ecosystem are being executed by the smart contract making Dafzo ecosystem much more reliable and transparent.

In these manner Dafzo simplify the International Trade Finance space

No Collateral

Dafzo with its unique Patent International Finance Technology does not requires any sort of the collateral amount in any form or kind. Dafzo issues Letter of Credit without any collateral providing better liquidity to the SME and SSIs.

Minimum Transaction Fee

With the Dafzo Ecosystem Dafzo only charges only in between 1% to 5% depending on the transaction value instead of 20% to 25%, resulting in the overall profitability of the buyer.

Instant Issuance

Dafzo issues Letter of Credit Instantly with its Patent Technology instead of for waiting for 15-20 days, preventing enterprises from the stock out option or from losing revenue.

Trade Agreement by AI

With the help of Dafzo Ecosystem buyer/importer and seller/exporter can draft trade agreement using AI and the cognitive science without requiring any sort of long list of documentations.

Smart Contract Execution

All the transaction and all the activity on the Dafzo Ecosystem is being executed by the Smart Contract, making it more reliable and transparent.

Dafzo Future Features

Dafzo has long terms plans to simplify the most of the vital aspect of logistics industry with the help of the technology and Dafzo Ecosystem. Following are the features of the Dafzo, on to which Dafzo team is working and will be operationally active in future.

Global Last Mile Delivery Platform

Dafzo intends to be World’s last mile delivery platform acting as a logistics aggregator and providing the freight movement facility by land, air or sea depending on the requirement of the buyer.

Custodian Programme

Custodian Programme of Dafzo Ecosystem helps the users to purchase anything across all over the globe even if the seller of the that particular item is not willing to ship in the buyer’s country. Apart from this Custodian Programme, also helps an individual to earn extra income irrespective of age, sex and qualification.

Global E-store Partnership

Dafzo will be having partnership with the major E-Store for the custodian service as well as providing them logistics services.

Insurance Companies on Blockchain

Dafzo will try to bring the insurance companies on to the Blockchain which will play an important and vital role in the Dafzo Ecosystem by offering insurance service to the buyer/seller for insuring their shipment


Dafzo will issue its own coin named Dafzo Coin (DFZ). A strict limit of 7,00,00,000 will be used which will never be increased. DFZ will run on the Ethereum Blockchain with ERC 20.

How Dafzo Token will be used

Dafzo token DFZ will be used in the Dafzo Ecosystem for each process and any activity. Dafzo token will be used for the issuance of Letter of Credit and for other business activities with upcoming features for e.g.