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Blockchain linked ecosystem, bringing revolutionary multi-platform apps to all users worldwide. Yappadappadoo ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 04/06/18 – 31/12/18

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About Yappadappadoo ICO (token sale)

The yappadappadoo Store is a Blockchain linked ecosystem, bringing Progressive Web Applications (PWA) to all mobile devices worldwide. By combining the advantages of two young future-proofed technologies, Blockchain and Progressive Web Applications, yappadappadoo will establish itself as a David against the market-dominating Goliath app stores of Apple and Google and will achieve a significant market share.

Until now, apps have been prisoners of their own separate ecosystems. Now the app world is making the long-awaited break for freedom. A new generation of applications will revolutionise the app market: Progressive Web Applications (PWA).

Key features of PWA:

  • Multi-Platform: Independent of individual devices and operating systems.
  • No download. No installation. No updates.
  • Lightning fast.
  • Clever enough to work offline.
  • On average, less than 1% of the size of native apps.

Progressive Web Applications are a blessing for growth markets like India, China and Africa, where most users can only avail of poor network coverage and lower quality hardware. India, for example has 20% of all mobile phone users worldwide. However, 99% of the network cover,age in India is still based on 3G.

About the yappadappadoo App Store

The yappadappadoo Store is much more than “just another App Store”. It is the first and only PWA store worldwide, with a link to the Blockchain. Our store offers applications for all users.

There are no restrictions: yappadappadoo apps are multi-platform and work on all smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, on all operating systems, without eating up your data volume irrespective of network quality.

yappadappadoo guarantees a broad selection of applications and new apps can be added for minimal development input.

Thanks to the integrated Blockchain technology, the entire transaction- universe of the yappadappadoo Store is independent, transparent and safe.

Users will love yappadappadoo, because they can access a universe of Progressive Web Applications. They can try out applications spontaneously and quickly. With Blockchain technology they can buy, use, and even transfer applications to other users.

Developers and companies will love yappadappadoo, because they can use the integrated yappadappadoo-Suite to develop PWA’s quickly and economically. They can then monetarize these applications in our App Store with margins that are 50% higher than in the App Stores of Apple and Google. The Blockchain guarantees full transparency and security in respect of app sales and reviews.

Investors will love yappadappadoo, because our intelligent use of two new technologies will allow us to generate significant revenue.

ICO and Funds Distribution

To create the yappadappadoo Payment Token, ITC GmbH, a Swiss Limited Company, will be holding a Token Sale. yappadappadoo will use the proceeds from this sale to achieve the goals set out in the yappadappadoo White Paper.

yappadappadoo Token: Flints (FLI)

The yappadappadoo PAYMENT TOKEN will be known as the Flints (FLI). It is an ERC20- Compatible Token delivered by the yappadappadoo Token Smart Contract. The yappadappadoo Token will be created to provide the possibility to pay for goods, software, content and services (non-exhaustive list) on the yappadappadoo platform and App Store.

yappadappadoo Token (FLI) Crowd Sale

A crowd sale allowing anyone to purchase yappadappadoo Tokens will occur in the second quarter of 2018 (June 2018). The total amount of yappadappadoo Tokens created at this time will be 500,000,000 Flints (FLI). The amount of Tokens available during the crowd sale will be 275,000,000 Flints (FLI).