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Blocnation is the cryptocurrency that powers the live events and venues in Southeast Asia. Blocnation ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 07/03/18 – 13/04/18
Ended ICO : 03/05/18 – 30/06/18

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web site Blocnation
web site Blocnation
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web site Blocnation

About Blocnation ICO (token sale)

Blocnation is opening cashless payment benefits to the region by leveraging its relationship with PouchNATION, Southeast Asia’s leader in offline cashless payments and brand activations in events, and the Komodo Platform, one of the pioneering decentralized Blockchain tech providers in the world.

PouchNATION’s niche market of events and venues, will over time, be used to power the under banked emerging market in Southeast Asia with the Blocnation App.

Blocnation will provide payment facilities to any smartphone user in the region with full anonymity, servicing markets neglected by traditional financial systems. More importantly, Blocnation’s decentralized blockchain will also allow BNTN Token and Blocnation App the flexibility to support other industries, new verticals and new territories outside of PouchNATION’s niche market.

Blocnation is incredibly excited to be the world’s first dICO, allowing complete privacy for early adopters that can see the value in this revolutionary model. The Komodo Platform’s decentralized Blockchain and the Blocnation App will provide safe storage of currency, exchange trading abilities via Komodo’s atomic swap protocols and secure cross border transactions with no fees.

This innovative technology is not just what emerging markets have been waiting for; it’s what they deserve.


Blocnation Lifestyle App

The Blocnation Platform will utilize dICO tools and blockchain provided by Komodo. The Komodo (KMD) Platform focuses on providing complete end-to- end blockchain solutions for developers of any level and any industry. It is simple yet powerful, offering customized blockchain solutions that are easy to deploy, and configurable to meet our needs.

Blocnation Platform will run on its own blockchain provided by KMD providing heightened security and swift transaction speed. Importantly, the potential of being hacked is reduced to zero as opposed to other platforms such as Ethereum.
Another key feature is the Atomic Swap function, providing great benefits to crypto holders and traders. Users may trade alts in a decentralized exchange without any fees applied.

BNTN Token

Blocnation’s goal is to improve people’s lifestyle in emerging markets by providing a platform designed to facilitate financial inclusion and the Blocnation App and BNTN Token crypto-currency is the tool Blocnation needs to achieve this. Soon Southeast Asia’s population, followed by other emerging market territories, will no longer be discriminated against. By participating in Blocnation’s dICO crowdfund you will be actively supporting the global basic right to financial services.

Participants will receive their BNTN Token directly to their Blocnation wallet, and will be able to import their funds to the Blocnation App come the second quarter of 2018. Once the Token Sale has concluded and tokens are issued, any interested party including brands, retailers and other users of the Blocnation platform may be able to acquire BNTN Tokens through the Blocnation app and other listed cryptocurrency exchanges. Exchange listing announcements will be revealed shortly.