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#MetaHash is the fastest and most secure cryptocurrency in the world working on the #TraceChain protocol

#MetaHash is a decentralized network for digital asset exchange and a plat- form for building decentralized applications that work in real time.

The self-regulating #MetaHash network, in fact, creates a basis for the emergence of a fully-edged branch of the decentralized internet. It doesn’t depend on individual creators once launched and is managed by open voting of users or #MetaHashCoins holders.

A fully decentralized internet would bring freedom from the control of large corporations. Project management would be in the hands of end users.
The key distinction of decentralized projects running on open source code is the fact that they are built the way users need them. Projects are created for users rather than for maximizing benefits to a limited group of stakeholders, which harms both the market and the users.

#MetaHash enables the creation of:

  • Decentralized applications that work in real time like ordinary web services and applications and can respond to events both in any of the blockchain networks and on the regular internet;
  • Independent sub-chains protected by the main #MetaHash network that also operate on the basis of the #TraceChain protocol. These sub-chains are created so thousands of #MetaApps can cost-effectively operate without overloading the main network and slow other applications. Lots of applications are waiting for a solution to build isolated, cost-effective and secure chains that would let them transfer the required data;
  • Digital assets in the form of tokens in the #MetaHash network for sharing within the network and converting to the tokens (digital assets) of other networks. Any asset in another blockchain system (ETH, ERC20, Bitcoin) can be converted to #MetaHashCoins. #MetaHash supports the concept of blockchain interoperability assuming that the future of the internet lies in the ability of independent networks to interact and integrate with each other.