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Multifunctional fintech platform for automated cryptotrading, asset management
and dApps creation.. HyperQuant ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 01/07/18 – 15/07/18
Ended ICO : 15/07/18 – 31/07/18

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web site HyperQuant
web site HyperQuant
web site HyperQuant
web site HyperQuant
web site HyperQuant
web site HyperQuant
web site HyperQuant
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About HyperQuant ICO (token sale)

HyperQuant is a multifunctional platform for automated crypto trading, asset management and dApps creation that is based on the Fast Order Delivery protocol and blockchain technologies. It is made by professional quant traders who know capital management industry inside-out.

Cutting-edge technology

Hyper Fast
Fast Order Delivery protocol works hundreds of times faster than similar solutions and provides the competitive advantage on the market.

Hyper Smart
All the components of the platform are managed by an AI Risk management system. It constantly evolves through machine learning with the help of accumulated Market Data. The system does not only enhance the algorithms on the platform but also minimizes the associated risks.

Hyper Secure
By using the power of immutable Ethereum blockchain and cryptographic proofs of knowledge (Merkle proofs), we are developing unique and transparent system. In this system, a user can audit his/her operations and be sure that all the trade deals have been actually made on the exchange. The system itself is traffic and computationally efficient, so even if it has 1,000,000,000 orders on a daily basis, proofs will take only 1kb in size and require just 30 hashing operations.




The whole platform works on a super-swift Fast Order Delivery protocol and is comprised of:

  • ECN (Electronic Communication Network) – the system uniting the exchanges;
  • AI&Risk Management system;
  • The framework for decentralized financial apps