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Monopoly – crowdfunding 2.0. Monopoly ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 10/06/18 – 30/06/18
Ended ICO : 05/07/18 – 31/08/18

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web site Monopoly
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About Monopoly ICO (token sale)

Monopoly ICO is the first decentralized investment blockchain-platform that allows you to combine the most promising projects into one fund.
The fund’s investors are free to decide on development, business scaling and profit distribution. Those who have interesting projects, but no resources to implement them, will be able to realize their dreams. We are creating an ecosystem that will enable entrepreneurs to safely and remotely manage their businesses, allowing them to scale their operations and maximize profits with the help of advanced technologies.

The platform has 9 integrated modules, through which participants interact with each other and perform other actions. Modules are divided into 3 levels:
Ongoing projects – allows you to participate in the scaling of projects and the distribution of project profit
New projects – allows you to submit new projects for consideration and put them to a vote
Participants – allows project participants (investors) to interact with the system. The platform has 2 sublevels of participants: Project owners in the platform and Investors

Using the platform allows us to solve the basic problems of both investors and start-ups. Those projects who work with Monopoly receive opportunities to:
– Attract funds to their projects, avoiding large-scale advertising costs and other financial costs;
– Develop and scale their projects.

In turn, investors get the opportunity to:
– Invest in projects safely;
– Monitor the appropriate use of funds within the startups.
— the Monopoly platform will maintain a blockchain register of all interactions between participants: voting results, applications for new projects and fund allocations.
— Our platform is based on two interconnected blockchains:
Ethereum (for operations with tokens) and a blockchain network that is used to conduct transactions by participants on the platform.

Proven business model. We started with attracting investments in the crypto currency for constructing mining farms. the concept has already justified its existence:
– the TRM 1 mining farm has been launched, with more than 1,000 investors receiving a stable income
– the second mining farm TRM 2 is at the start-up phase

MNP Token (on the Ethereum ERC-20 standard) is a utility token that helps to build links between projects that generate revenue, new projects and token-holders (investors). MNP tokens will become the local currency of the platform, with the help of which investors will be able to manage their assets.

The participants use MNP tokens for the majority of operations:
– Voting for the launch of new projects
– Voting for scaling projects
– Voting for profit distribution
– Scoring new projects
– Withdrawing the profits of the token-holder