WULET – crypto-cashback from everyday purchases!. WULET ICO rating – not rated.


PRE ICO Dates : 07/05/18 – 01/09/18
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web site WULET
web site WULET
web site WULET
web site WULET
web site WULET
web site WULET
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About WULET ICO (token sale)

WULET is a platform that will provide its users with the opportunity to receive cashback from everyday purchases in the form of cryptocurrency. This platform will make possible the management and exchange of bonus points between loyalty programmes of various companies. This will allow the client to always have at hand the points they most need.

Every day, making a purchase at a store or having lunch at a restaurant, people receive yet another loyalty card. When certain conditions are met, the clients are supposed to receive a bonus for their use. Most people today participate in at least 15-20 loyalty programmes, even though it is very time-consuming to fulfill the conditions of each

  • The WULET platform is being developed speci cally to resolve these issues. Our team’s main goal is to maximize the convenience of loyalty programmes and business income.
  • We aspire to create a uni ed decentralized system that will incorporate the use of cryptocurrency into everyday life.
  • The idea of WULET is much broader than simply gathering all loyalty cards in one application. The project will unite all loyalty programmes within one platform, creating a uni ed system. WULET will help businesses cut costs on creating and implementing new programmes that are now not even yielding the results that were expected.
  • The platform will simplify the process of choosing a source of information for the client: the data on all bonuses, special o ers, and discounts of partner companies will be shown in the application, saving time.
  • Thus, the clients will receive their discounts and bonuses, and business will optimize their expenses while also increasing client loyalty.

Token sale parameters Why do a token sale?

Despite the existence of functioning loyalty services, the attracted funds will help create a platform with an open source code, which can then be used by any b2b services.

Presale stage

The presale is private and intended for early participants. To support the project, please sign up at wulet.io. Funds attracted during the presale will be taken into account in the total campaign acquisitions.
It will not be possible to withdraw tokens until the end of all the stages of the campaign.

WU token crediting
• ERC20 standard tokens will be issued during the token sale
• Token export is possible onto any ERC20-compatible wallet
• Participant contribution will be displayed as the balance in their personal pro le
• After the end of the campaign, the necessary number of native tokens will be emitted and distributed among the participants according to their contributions and accrued bonuses