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A Decentralised Crypto Asset Settlement Service. Will Token ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 01/05/18 – 31/05/18
Ended ICO : 01/06/18 – 15/07/18

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web site Will Token
web site Will Token
web site Will Token
web site Will Token
web site Will Token

About Will Token ICO (token sale)

After carefully studying the critical points of Crypto investment industry, we came with a better solution for these Crypto investor problems with our product called Willtoken.
We use blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and hyper ledger, all the latest technologies to solve the billion-dollar industry problems.

The ultimate goal of our product Willtoken is to provide complete crypto wealth access and settlement service to Crypto investors across the globe. They can ensure a safe beneficiary nomination, transfer of crypto assets to the beneficiary via a seamless process of technology without sharing the most secured information with third parties including Willtoken.

Willtoken is a utility token issued by Digitrust Corporation, which provides wealth assignment services to members of the crypto investment community.
Willtoken can be purchased and utilised like any other crypto coin on the market today. People who use Willtoken will be entitled to the service of crypto wealth assignment, while the users don’t use Willtoken may avail the same service at a chargeable rate.

Willtoken – Essential for crypto investments

Everyone understands that death is unavoidable in life. You will also understand the importance of ensuring the well being of your loved ones. After all, one of your investment goals is to provide a financial haven for yourself and your loved ones.

You need someone to ensure that the wealth you have built reaches your family in the event of your sudden death. Our Integrated Service allows you to put particular process and procedures to ensure that the transfer of your crypto-wealth takes place seamlessly, automatically and without interference from a third party. You also want this process to complete without an unreasonable loss of time and value to your intended recipient.

Willtoken is a utility token from Digitrust Corporation; Willtoken can be used to avail the crypto settlement services.

  • Willtoken helps to protect your Crypto wealth securely.
  • It helps to pass your Crypto assets safely.
  • It helps your loved ones to inherit Crypto assets through a regulated system.

Willtoken will act as a mode of payment to initiate and execute the Crypto wealth settlement services.