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Decentralized betting platform.Be part of a unique gambling DAO, try it right now. Letsbet ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 01/07/18 – 31/08/18

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web site Letsbet
web site Letsbet
web site Letsbet
web site Letsbet
web site Letsbet
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About Letsbet ICO (token sale)

LetsBet represents a new type of software platforms: is a truly decentralized application (DAPP), running on the Ethereum blockchain. This means it can be downloaded and played from anywhere in the world without having a corporation behind it to run the service! You can even run the entire platform on your own machine, just by being connected to the Ethereum Blockchain. A centralized server is no longer needed.

There is no need to pay any bookmaker or trust the casino management… the games on the LetsBet platform run autonomous on a software architecture which is entirely transparent, every interested party can view the code. Should our website www.letsbet.io be down – for example because some hackers or some law enforcement agencies blocking the domain – you can keep playing on it and your funds are safe from hackers or the authorities. Your identity, your data and our platform are protected. Since there is no LetsBet database which holds information on players, there is no way to track who is doing what and we store nothing besides the data of the bets and prices. After its launch LetsBet doesn’t depend on any human involvement at all to run. It will run as planned since code is law in our smart contract powered application.

In essence, LetsBet is a blockchain based, decentralized P2P betting exchange. It is a automated match-making platform, where people could challenge each other, for example to bet on the results of games, to predict the correct scores or prices of stocks, currencies or any other asset you can imagine… As the entire booking process is run by smart contracts, there are little to no maintenance and operation costs. There is no need for service personal reviewing players accounts, asking for identity, KYC or any other personal details. There is no connection to your bank account or credit card. Our virtual robots, smart contracts written in the solidity programming language on the Ethereum blockchain, processes all required tasks.
In fact, smart contracts disintermediate the classical betting exchange mechanism and skip the house by decentralizing betting pot ownership. For our community of token holders, this means there is no additional costs to provide and run the games besides the ETH blockchain fees. The platform is completely community owned. Since the entire cut of each game jackpot is distributed back to the community, the profitability can potentially reach 100% and more (see ROI table below).

For our players this means they can jump right into the action, and win big- every day:

  • Without any registration they can instantly place their bets by paying with Ether.
  • The LetsBet system then takes the bets and places them into the overall jackpot.

The Token – XBET

Tokens are an efficient ways to distribute ownership of digital assets. LetsBet issues XBET tokens, which are based on the ERC20 token standard. XBET tokens represent a share of the revenue which is made up by daily game jackpots which players can win on LetsBet. Owning a share of the daily jackpots of this platform gives investors a steady and constant dividend payment. This investment will not be independent from market movements. Given that bets are placed, investors will have a daily ROI, no matter if we are in a bull or a bear market.
This is unique, and benefits our players, who can bet on any game from anywhere without being controlled, as well as the LetsBet community, the owner of the platform by holding XBET tokens.

What makes LetsBet and its XBET Token special is that the monetization model. The tokens’ dividend-yields are stable, linearly connected to the overall key performance indicator “Jackpot Size” and unrelated to the actual price of the token on trading exchanges. This is because XBET tokens represent a “%-cut” of ALL daily jackpots. And as this distribution applies to a pre- defined amount of 100 million tokens issued, every token will pay back its proportional share. XBET token holders win every day. Every Jackpot yields a 10% payout for the community, so any investment will pay itself back on a daily basis.