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Active ICO : 02/05/18 – 04/08/18

BlockPayee is the payment gateway for Immediate payment

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BlockPay is a simple instant payment settlement platform where customer and merchants interface with API though merchants webserver. BlockPay issues coin to public for money transfer, products and services purchase as payroll currency , all kind of online transaction protocol could be solved smoothly. BlockPay not only payment processing settlement platform even tradeable with multi-cryptocurrency through Exchange house. BlockPay provides to all our investors wide range of potential opportunities such as one time and life time.

One time achievement could be settle once you buy coin on BlockPay ICO dashboard during crowdsale/ICO Life time achievement could be settle with share certificate issued by BlockPay that certifying for life time pro t sharing till company existing. one time achievement is after you placed order successful you will acquired coin which could be tradeable at our exchange house or others exchange house for big pro t margin. Life time achievement is after confirmed buy coin you will received share certificate for life time with ID number name printing on certificate. Our customer can shop with our designated merchants website and can shop at retail also with QR code instant payout mode at any place anywhere around the globe.

At beginning cryptocurrency users become our customers once you buy our coin through BlockPay website on ICO sale dashboard by selecting numbers of coin place ordered. After confirmed ordered you will received share certificate and along with coin which coin could be tradeable at our exchange house or others exchanges for making pro t. Our coin can be used for multi-purpose for online shopping, money transfer, sport betting many more. BlockPay offers to all our investors for withdrawal options to make payout instantly peer to peer and at currency will be transferred auto payout into your designated bank account.