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The New Way of Arbitrage Trading. Arbitao ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 01/07/18 – 17/07/18
Ended ICO : 22/07/18 – 19/08/18

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web site Arbitao
web site Arbitao
web site Arbitao
web site Arbitao
web site Arbitao
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134 807
Rank by country:
Rank in VN – 33502, Rank in IN – 112235, Rank in ID – 35680, Rank in BG – 16657, Rank in TH – 36206, Rank in BD – 20824, Rank in TR – 47242, Rank in RU – 69548, Rank in VE – 18200

About Arbitao ICO (token sale)

The services of Arbitao will be realized in four sequential stages. Our solutions are designed to solve all the problems faced by arbitrage traders, like having to go through a lot of KYC/AML registrations to sign up to various exchanges, dealing with different interfaces, getting sufficient funding and liquidity at all the platforms and finding the most promising arbitrage opportunities.

Arbitao Platform and TAOx

Arbitao offers a platform for the ATAO ecosystem where capital is aggregated in order to benefit from arbitrage trading between different exchanges together as a community. After intense analysis of the market, Arbitao defined different investment pools with specialized parameters for the most effective profit generation. Through the easy access to the platform, ATAO enables automatic arbitrage trading in highly volatile markets for everyone. By merging liquidity and resources in our investment pools, Arbitao’s community members are enabled to take advantage of the algorithms we developed, the continuously improved infrastructure that Arbitao has set up and the combined liquidity that will be distributed on carefully selected exchanges.

The dashboard is already developed and has a wallet integrated. The profits are denominated in US Dollar as the volatility of the currency is low and guarantees stable returns. Furthermore, profits can be withdrawn immediately or used for reinvestments. The withdrawal will be issued in ATAO coins.
The Arbitao Team is also working on the TAOx exchange which will ensure the easy and safe transaction between ATAO and BTC. However, we are also in contact with major exchanges to be listed there in order to increase the community even faster.

  • Beta Phase: Arbitrage Pairs Trading
  • Stage 1: Arbitrage Pairs Trading
  • Stage 2: Simultaneous Short-Long Strategy
  • Stage 3: Arbitrage Chain Trading
  • Stage 4: Fully Decentralized Arbitrage Trading

Coin Sale Details

Coin Symbol: ATAO
Initial Coin Supply: 800,000,000 ATAO Coins
Pre ICO Sales Date: 1st July 2018 (01:00:00 GMT) until 17th July 2018 (01:00:00 GMT)

Earliest Arbitrage Platform Launch for early Investors: 20th July 2018 (01:00:00 GMT)
ICO Sales Date: 22nd July 2018 (01:00:00 GMT) until 19th August 2018 (01:00:00 GMT)
Min Purchase: 100 USD
Price Per Coin: 0,10 USD

Pre ICO:
Soft Cap: 20,000,000 USD
Coins: 200,000,000 + Bonus

Target Cap: 28,000,000 USD
Coins: 280,000,000 + Bonus

Coin Sale:
Hard Cap: 48,000,000 USD Coins for Sale: 480,000,000
Target Cap: 28,000,000 USD Coins: 280,000,000 + Bonus