Re-Defining the sports industry by building the first blockchain based marketplace for user driven sports and metabolic data. DYNO ICO rating – not rated.


PRE ICO Dates : 01/06/18 – 30/06/18
Ended ICO : 01/07/18 – 31/07/18

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About DYNO ICO (token sale)

DYNOSTICS has developed the first mobile, smart and affordable system for performance and metabolism analysis. Our breakthrough device can determine a user’s current state of fitness in just a few minutes, by analyzing his breathing gases. The measurements data is sent to the DYNOSTICS App and interpreted by the DYNOSTICS algorithm in real time. The App shows users within which pulse ranges they burn fat, increase performance, or when their body over-acidifies. Furthermore, the App tells users how their body processes food and suggests customized diet and training programs. This data empowers users to reach their individual fitness goals more effectively. All these tests are performed without the need for medical supervision.

The system we developed is most advanced of its kind and the sensor is currently patent-pending. DYNOSTICS is constantly working on additional analytical devices and intends to become the world leader in smart body analytics.

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We bring together data owners and data purchasers. The owner is in full control of which data is shared and how the data should/could be used for. In exchange for their data, users (data creators) will receive DYNO tokens (ERC20 token) from data purchasers through our marketplace. Of course, the data remains fully anonymous in every single transaction. Through our marketplace, users will be able to join ongoing studies, make certain adjustments to their lifestyle to t the requirements of the study, and earn DYNO tokens in exchange of their participation.

We intend to make the management of DYNO tokens as easy as possible. A DYNO wallet will be integrated through our entire suite of apps and will make the exchange of data, between users and purchasers, completely seamless. Users will not need to know how to exchange or transfer tokens. Data owners will be able to use their DYNO tokens on other online marketplaces or exchange them to their at currency of choice.

Token Velocity

The DYNOSTISC / DYNO application is currently used by 60,000 users. Based on these numbers, we can project the DYNO market cap velocity. If we assume that only 10% of users are going to be participate in the DYNO marketplace daily by selling their performance data or by participating in targeted research, this would amount to 6,000 daily users. In order to hire a user or purchase data, clients have to purchase DYNO tokens and issue micro transactions to each of the user, so tokens can then be exchanged to ETH.

Through these conversions to ETH, clients issue 6,000 daily transactions and on top of that we can assume that 50% of users are going to convert their DYNO tokens to ETH immediately, thus totaling in 9,000 DYNO transactions daily (6,000 purchase and 3,000 sell). Our velocity calculation also takes in account that each profile purchase has an average FIAT value of 20$ (based on our experience and research with insurance companies and research institutes this is the lowest number we can put in the equation based on what they normally pay for such sensitive and valid data)