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Stable cryptocurrency, backed by gold.. EGOLDtrade ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 25/06/18 – 27/07/18
Ended ICO : 01/08/18 – 01/10/18

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web site EGOLDtrade
web site EGOLDtrade
web site EGOLDtrade
web site EGOLDtrade
web site EGOLDtrade
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About EGOLDtrade ICO (token sale)

EGOLD runs on a blockchain ledger and works through a digitized cryptoasset called GOLD whose cryptocurrency value is based on physical gold. The decentralized platform uses a special blockchain that helps gold owners trade, loan, invest in and, generally, use their commodities for profit.

EGOLD buys, sells and repurchases GOLD at the current market price for physical gold. The company uses gold futures (hereinafter – “futures”) or physical gold (of 999 quality) as its security.

EGOLD’s gold reserves equal or exceed its mined amounts of GOLD. Differences between EGOLD and other gold cryptocurrency blockchains include the following:

  • EGOLD uses its own blockchain and altcoin, called EGD, for GOLD transactions.
  • EGOLD uses Proof-of-Stake where miners are doled out blocks/ transactions according to the amount of EGD they have. Proof of stake (PoS) is faster, simpler and cheaper than proof of work (PoW).
  • Physical gold and futures are stored in a programmed decentralized storage unit.
  • CustodyBot—EGOLD’s innovative storage unit is programmed to automatically identify and store gold jewelry, small ingots (up to 100 grams) and coins, without human intervention.

The characteristics of the GOLD cryptoasset include the following:

  • 100% transparency of information about all Gold owned by EGOLD, disclosing the company’s gold reserves and its ability to buy back GOLD at its current trading price.
  • EGOLD uses the decentralized blockchain for smart contracts and for harboring its cryptoassets.
  • EGOLD uses futures for liquidity and elasticity. Futures helps you trade gold much faster than physical gold does.
  • A secured loan may contain gold, like jewelry or coins. EGOLD helps you store this collateral in its unique Custody Bot.

The ability to receive passive income as market price of GOLD rises.

  • Buyback of GOLD for fiat according to the current price of GOLD.
  • A fast user registration system and identification.