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Next Generation AI-based Cybersecurity Powered By You. Cloudbric ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 23/08/18 – 01/09/18
Ended ICO : 04/10/18 – 13/10/18

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About Cloudbric ICO (token sale)

Cloudbric’s ICO primary mission is to revolutionize the cybersecurity market by making information security open and accessible to all users through the introduction of a new Decentralized Universal Security Platform. This AI-based cybersecurity platform will be powered by Cloudbric’s patented deep learning module known as VISION and will provide an all-inclusive suite of cybersecurity solutions, as well as the development of a new decentralized security ecosystem.

Furthermore, users will be able to train the very technology that helps protect their online digital assets by contributing anonymous cyber threat logs to advance the accuracy and learning capabilities of Cloudbric’s deep learning module. For their continued security contributions, users will be rewarded through the free distribution of Cloudbric cryptocurrency (CLB) tokens directly to their user account.

CLB can then be redeemed to activate Cloudbric’s suite of security services. A minimum balance of CLB tokens must be deposited or accumulated within each user account wallet in order to utilize all security services. Additionally, users may utilize CLB to gain access to exclusive offers from Cloudbric’s extensive global partnership network known as the Secure Web Alliance.

Cloudbric ICO

Cloudbric Background

In early FY 2015, Cloudbric started as an in-house venture of Penta Security Systems, Inc., the no. 1 enterprise web security and data encryption firm in South Korea and the APAC region. Cloudbric was initially released as a cloud based Security-as-a-Service offering of Penta Security’s market leading hardware appliance Web Application Firewall (WAF) known as WAPPLES.
Cloudbric quickly began to carve a strong niche market by targeting small and medium businesses, as well as general website owners, interested in utilizing an all-inclusive WAF solution. Cloudbric’s solution helped first time users become more acclimated to the idea of cybersecurity by offering an enterprise level solution that truly catered to their needs.

Security Efficiency

Cloudbric will consolidate multiple security solutions into one unified platform to provide easy to manage cybersecurity for a diverse range of users. Solutions to be offered within the platform will focus on three (3) primary security components: server-side security (websites), end-point security (PC, mobile, and IoT connected devices), and cryptocurrency asset protection (including a secure CLB crypto wallet). This will enable all users to enjoy enterprise level website security, CDN speed optimization, intelligent malware protection, spam/phishing prevention, cryptocurrency fraud protection, and much more.

Data Transparency

All cyber threat information (i.e. malicious IP detection, spam URL listings, fraud crypto addresses, etc.) detected by Cloudbric’s security system and deep learning attack recognition algorithm will be made accessible through the development of a decentralized security ecosystem.

User Trust

Cloudbric will look to expand on its security capabilities by developing new user focused technologies and solutions to help empower the security community and usher in the next evolution of cybersecurity. With over 30 years of cumulative cybersecurity experience, the Cloudbric team brings a wealth of knowledge and first-hand security service experience to the ICO market.