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The new combination of advanced technology and precious metal. Cyronium ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 27/05/18 – 27/07/18

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web site Cyronium
web site Cyronium
web site Cyronium

About Cyronium ICO (token sale)

Cyronium is a crypto asset created by combining a blockchain project and a precious metal. The crypto asset was founded by Mardigu Wowiek Prasantyo. He is the founder of Rumah Yatim Indonesia (one of the largest Indonesian orphanages) as well as a businessman with decades of experience in the field of minerals, gas, and precious metals.

The main objective of Cyronium is fighting economic injustice and creating an asset that enable people to invest with a sophisticated, transparent, and trusted blockchain system. In its development, Cyronium will use funding from its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to create a platform where businesspeople of small+medium enterprises can gain additional capital to accelerate their businesses, in the form of interest-free loans, consultation, and intensive guidance.

Cyronium is created using NXT technology. NXT is an existing blockchain platform, specifically conceived as a flexible platform around which to build applications and financial services. Cyronium is represented by the CYRO token issued by the company. Each CYRO token will be secured with 1 physical coin made of 20 grams of gold. This physical coin serves to keep the bottom value of CYRO, which will not be lower than the world gold price. Cyronium sales have passed the pre-sale period. The Initial Coin Offering period lasts from May 27 to July 27, 2018 at a price of $2,150 per 1 CYRO.

The Cyronium Vision: “Justice for Prosperity!”

Cryonium is an asset that can improve the welfare of the people. Cyronium was established to provide prosperity for the people. We are here to help people achieve a better life. We have ambitions to alleviate poverty, fight economic injustice, and provide a fair investment instrument for everyone. All of these visions, missions, and ambitions will be manifested by promoting love and caring for others, based on creativity and advanced technology.

For investors, Cyronium strives to provide an investment asset with futuristic concepts. From the technology used and its business model, it will heighten the return on investment and profit gains of the investors. The technology that Cyronium uses will have faster, larger, and more reliable transaction processes. It will also be more cost-efficient and environmental-friendly.

From the investment perspective, we want to create a medium of investment with low-risk of loss. Especially in cryptocurrency investment, the risk of capital risk is very high. Large numbers of cryptocurrencies have experienced drastic decreases in value after the ICO, which results in dramatic capital loss. Cyronium will attempt to minimize the loss of investment by developing a system of “gold underlying”. For every 1 CYRO token, there is 20 grams of gold collateral. With this system, the value of CYRO token will never be lower than the value of its gold collateral.

To keep the token’s demand high, Cyronium will integrate itself with small+medium enterprises, the real businesses. For them, Cyronium provides ecosystems that allow blockchainization (previously termed as “tokenization”) of those enterprises. They will have their own ICOs, and Cyronium will act as the sole medium of exchange to purchase those enterprises’ coins.

By combining a low-risk investment system and high-demand projection, Cyronium provides an investor-oriented medium of investment.