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The future of accounting, saving businesses billions and sparing the individual sole reliance on expensive accountants. Accounting Blockchain ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 15/07/18 – 30/09/18

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web site Accounting Blockchain
web site Accounting Blockchain
web site Accounting Blockchain
web site Accounting Blockchain
web site Accounting Blockchain
web site Accounting Blockchain
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About Accounting Blockchain ICO (token sale)

Integrating blockchain into the industry streamlining the supply chain, saving billions to businesses, and moving towards a healthier economy away from the risk of fraud and away from present gross accounting inefficiencies.

OUR VISION is to introduce trustworthy platforms where all parties being big or small can embrace the advantages of blockchain technology in accounting applications without entry barriers and without discrimination, be it size, complexity or geographical location.

OUR MISSION is to empower the global accounting community with the advantages and trustworthiness of blockchain technology through products that fully integrate advancements in the blockchain eld in the most efficient and practical way.

OUR COMMITMENT is towards creating a business environment without borders, connecting the accounting world through trustworthy blockchain based solutions.

The way transactions are recorded right now between two parties to a trade is grossly inefficient, subject to errors, requires tedious reconciliations, leading to ever increasing auditing costs, and remains liable to fraud. Companies keep their accounting records in isolation, many times using unrelated accounting so ware platforms. There is an absence of a trusted common ground. The process to issue invoices / credit-notes and payments costs each company thousands of dollars a year in accounting expenses. These costs grow exponentially with the size of the company. The consolidated inefficiency incurred by all companies on a yearly basis mounts to billions of dollars and requires numerous hours dedicated to the accounting function which we want to save.

The foundation of the above problems rests in the very core of the way things are done as technology has been unable to create a trusted common ground to connect business accounting together through triple entry, the next step in accounting evolution. The current advancements in blockchain technology allows for this to be implemented now.

The way accounting and bookkeeping is done, is up for a radical transformation. The Accounting Blockchain (TAB) is one of the solutions for the next evolution in accounting and bookkeeping.