Cryptassist ICO

ICO Cryptassist


Active ICO : 28/06/18 – 11/08/18

The all in one crypto solution

The Cryptassist mission is to supply everyone with unfettered access to the world of crypto-assets through an array of essential tools with everything from trading and news alerts, to an OTC exchange and even a debit card. There exists no platform which covers the breadth and width of this many crypto-related features in one platform.

“We strive to simplify every aspect of crypto trading and research so that everyone from the average holder to the experienced day trader have the same data and advanced resources to make an informed trading decision.”

The problem of complexity in a burgeoning crypto market has reached an apex. As of June of 2018 well over 1600 cryptocurrencies and Blockchain related projects have been conceived, not to mention the 100s that failed. According to, 471 ICOs launched in 2018 alone. As the market continues to grow, so does the problem of accessing all of the resources that are required to even comprehend this complex environment. Blockchain explorers are a great example. Each new coin most likely requires its own Blockchain explorer.

Cryptassist solves the problem of complexity by supplying all of the necessary resources in one easy to access location.

For example, their Multi-Coin Block Explorer allows the user to enter one of many coins’ public addresses into one search bar instead of having to search for separate block explorers for every coin. But that’s just one of the many features Cryptassist offers.

Whether you are in need of trading and arbitrage alerts, investigating upcoming ICOs, looking for crypto related talent, comparing trading pairs, needing news at the moment it is published, or maybe you would just like to relax with an augmented reality game of CryptoGo, Cryptassist is your one-stop hub for anything crypto related. They even host an OTC exchange as well as a standard spot exchange with discounted fees for CTA holders.

Their debit card allows the user to spend the top 50 Cryptocurrencies all over the world. Nowhere else will you find so many essential features in one easy to use platform.


Many of the services offered by on the cryptassist app will be free to use and other features such as the Trading Alerts, Cryptstarter, and their OTC Exchange, will be pay-per-use features at a very reasonable cost.


Crypsassist introduces its innovative deflation model. The coins that are spent on the pay-per-use features of the app will then be immediately burned or locked away in an inaccessible public address. Continuously reducing the supply thus combats price resistance in the marketplace. Less supply encourages the value of the remaining coins.