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Get your new car directly from the automaker with 30% discount
. GAUS TRADE ICO rating – 55


PRE ICO Dates : 15/08/18 – 25/08/18
Ended ICO : 17/09/18 – 15/10/18

ICO rating
Business: 13/20 Product: 4/5 WP: 7/10 
Roadmap: 4/10 Legal: 1/5 ICO terms: 5/5 
Team: 12/20 Token applying: 1/5 Promotion: 8/20 
web site GAUS TRADE
web site GAUS TRADE
web site GAUS TRADE
web site GAUS TRADE
web site GAUS TRADE
ICO Traffic Rank by Alexa: 4 671 753

About GAUS TRADE ICO (token sale)

GAUS is a worldwide blockchain platform for purchases of goods using cryptocurrency, guaranteeing payment transaction security up to the receipt of the ordered goods.

The first focus area of the project is the development of a blockchain platform for vehicle purchases and the use of a variety of related services. The cost of vehicles and services purchased via GAUS will be 20-30% lowеr than their current retail prices.

Today, a vehicle purchase often requires an advance payment done by the buyer under a guarantee in the form of a contract. The related costs increase due to the existence of a long chain of intermediaries between the manufacturer and the buyer.

In addition, many retailers lack working capital for gray market vehicle procurements, but are prepared to provide the best services possible along with low prices, while avoiding expensive bank loans.

The GAUS platform makes a vehicle purchase or a service payment possible at a significantly lower price compared to existing prices, guarantees transaction security for full or partial payments, as well as the timely and quality level delivery of the purchased goods and services. In turn, the manufacturer or service provider, receives a new potential client pool and a guarantee of timely payments. By using standardized smart contracts, GAUS provides a convenient and secure invoicing mechanism.

The GAUS token builds the foundation for an infrastructure beneficial for all participants. Blockchain technology reduces transaction costs, while making the platform transparent, open, and safe for all parties.

GAUS token

The GAUS token is a standard ERC-20 utility token. Token emission is to be performed within the originally announced volume and additional token emissions are not planned and are not possible.

The GAUS token does not represent a share in the company and does not give its holders rights to participate in the management and decision making process or to receive dividends from the company’s activities.

The GAUS token can be bought and sold on any exchange platform that lists the token. The GAUS token’s price can fluctuate for many economic reasons.

The company guarantees an equal volume of services in exchange for GAUS tokens, independent of current token prices.
At the same time, if the GAUS token’s price increases, the company is planning to increase the volume of services per token or a part of a token (making use of capabilities provided by the decimal nature of the GAUS token).

The company will not take any special measures to influence the GAUS token’s price. As such, the company does not guarantee investors/holders/buyers the achievement of any particular price bracket by the GAUS token and recommends to perceive the GAUS token as a goods and services payment medium and not as an investment.

At the same time, the company will take the necessary measures to develop the project and the platform anticipated in the development and financial plans. The said measures are directed towards expanding the user community and platform service quality improvement. Naturally, these measures will lead to the increase in the interest of users towards the platform’s services and, subsequently, to an increase in the demand
for GAUS tokens.

The company will not take any actions that can be deemed as manipulations with the GAUS token’s price, but allows for a number of actions intended to provide stable demand for the GAUS token and prevent price manipulation by any third party.