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Ended ICO : 01/07/18 – 30/09/18

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web site Bulleon (BUL token)
web site Bulleon (BUL token)
web site Bulleon (BUL token)
web site Bulleon (BUL token)
web site Bulleon (BUL token)
web site Bulleon (BUL token)
web site Bulleon (BUL token)
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About Bulleon (BUL token) ICO (token sale)

The Blockchain technology have been utilized to provide Bulleon users with financial value. Ethereum Blockchain has been the go-to platform when developing new tokens and coins. Bulleon is powered by Ethereum technology, which features smart contracts that are decentralized, self-executing and work as agreements coded in the Blockchain. Ethereum Blockchain exceeds the capabilities of Bitcoin Blockchain to the point that most tokens of value are launched on the technology.

Consequently, the surface token has been greatly improved and is considered as one of the most exciting developments in the cryptocurrency market. Bulleon is considered as the digital asset that goes beyond the functions of cryptocurrencies to give users access to digital asset exchange, biometric hardware wallet coupled with login authentication, international debit card transactions, e-commerce service platform specialized for merchants, secure peer-topeer lending platform as well as the much sort after cloud mining.

The ERC20 standard for tokens ensures that the digital assets are much more interchangeable. Besides, Bulleon and other tokens issued on the ERC20 token standards are capable of working with Dapps while at the same time, adhering to the same standards for tokens. The Dapp can easily interface with other virtual currencies in the market even in instances where multiple tokens operate and behave in a similar way.
The cryptocurrency market has a countless number of digital assets and virtual currencies that are not compatible. Bulleon is built with the user interest in mind, and that is the reason it has achieved high levels of compatibility with other tokens and projects in the market. In addition to that, ERC20 token standardization allows Bulleon to be a natural t in the cryptocurrency market. Moreover, Bulleon integrates voting rights in the platform which give you “the user” the voice in future matters concerning the project and the direction it should take. The integration of ERC20 standardization in the Bulleon project has eliminated the fear of bugs and errors completely.

Bulleon as a token

The Bulleon is a hybrid token; the token is both, a security and a cryptocurrency token. Bulleon is designed to be a precious possession in the growing cryptocurrency market. We give Bulleon owners control over their money without compromising on convenience. Therefore, a token that was not only a store of value as a cryptocurrency, but also a means to be part of the Bulleon team; sharing dividends, pro t-shares and voting rights to the owners of Bulleon was imminent.

As a security token, Bulleon highly regards the owners of the token. The success does not belong to Bulleon board members only; it is shared among the investors by sharing pro t and dividends, in addition to that, owners have voting rights inside the corporation. Voting rights give the owners the voice to shape Bulleon for the future. On the other hand, as a cryptocurrency token, Bulleon is a store of value and a great medium of exchange. It is built on the ERC20 token standardization requirements that achieve total decentralization. Bulleon tokens are not issued nor are they regulated by any central authority. Bulleon joins other cryptocurrencies in the market as a functional currency capable of multi-platform value exchange.

The token is tradable on the exchanges, besides the Bulleon network gives the owner access to a number of exchanges where they can buy and sell other cryptocurrencies. Similarly, it is not regulated by any laws put in place to regulate at currency or by e-money laws.