Word of Mouth Pro ICO

ICO Word of Mouth Pro

Word of Mouth Pro

Active ICO : 20/07/18 – 31/10/18

blockchain-based Authenticator ecosystem

Word-of-Mouth market is worth over 189 billion dollars and over 116 million operators.
Anyone has a social network, made up of relatives, friends, colleagues and whatsoever. Modern consumers are no longer content with finding the product’s technical features or advertising messages on the web but seek advice on purchases before buying. They read reviews and comments, listen to the experiences of other consumers, ask for advices from experienced and reliable users (opinion leaders). Therefore, it is essential that companies monitor what is said on the net about their products or services, participate directly in conversations where possible.

However, there is an obstacle to the growth of this industry. The indiscriminate use of social networks and the Internet has allowed the proliferation and diffusion of “unverified” information on the real ethical-professional qualities of companies, operators and partners.

On one hand It limits the expansion of companies that do not always find the right partners and exposes them to dangerous damage of image; on the other It limits many potential professionals who have no tools to evaluate companies or do not feel adequately valued for their professionalism and experience. The problem is that companies and promoters in a broad sense (including the modern figure of the referral marketer) do not interact with each other as they tend to not find themselves in a single transparent community.

Nowadays a Company that is active in the Word-of-Mouth market:

• There is no register that uniquely certifies the quality of its work by combining the various types of existing certifications
• There is no ranking based on the certifications of single institutions and the results obtained over time
• There is no real and univocal register where a sales team can be recruited according to their real experience, training, skills
• There is no platform where professionals can introduce themselves to other professionals in the industry

A Professional that is active in the Word-of-Mouth market:

• There is no register that uniquely certifies training, obtained results or experiences over time
• There is no register that uniquely certifies residence, information ownership or
• There is no ranking based on the certification of results really achieved in one’s career and earnings
• There is no single gateway where professionals can nd all they need for personal growth and, at the same time, certify the acquired skills
• There is no gateway where professionals can select companies to work with according to the type of product, service, size and features, etc.