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Blockchain based Private Jet Charter & Luxury Lifestyle at your fingertips. VolAir ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 30/07/18 – 31/07/18
Ended ICO : 26/09/18 – 30/11/18

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web site VolAir
web site VolAir
web site VolAir
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About VolAir ICO (token sale)

VolAir changes this model, bringing customers the best service from the start. Without up-front membership fees or subscriptions, VolAir rewards customer loyalty. Starting with private jet chartering, our loyalty framework and tiering rewards customers for using our services. The more you use us, the more you’re rewarded.

Our tiered model provides customers with more benefits the higher they climb through the tiers; which don’t require your money, but just to use our services more. Those rewards are issued in VOL tokens, which can either be exchanged for fiat, flights, or staked in your integrated VOL wallet to achieve a higher tier and receive further benefits.

Through our increasing partner network in the luxury lifestyle sector, we will cater for your every need, and as you reward us with your custom, we reward you too.

For our partners we offer not just an increase in customer base, but also we can handle all transactions, customer contracts and deposits for you through our smart contract backend.

If our customers choose to allow their data to be shared with our partners, you will also be able to receive advanced sales analytics, to help you better understand how to reach those customers. This, of course feeds back to our customers in terms of services, as well as rewarded in VOL tokens for agreement of sharing of this information.


The VolAir roadmap has 2 distinct versions of the application. The first allows partners to get their jets into the application, search and find them. This also has the ability for users to store their VOL tokens on the application in their wallet. When a user wants to book a flight, it sends them to our 3rd party partner and on confirmation of booking using an internal process, the customer and vendor are issued their VOL tokens. This is currently in development and will be completed in line with our main token sale.

The second version incorporates all of the aforementioned features in the executive summary; on top of the wallet and searching for flights, users will be able to benefit from the tiers available and partners will be able to benefit from the partner gateway and payments system. This is due to commence mid Q3 2018.


We are currently in the process of onboarding partners, as well as using our geographic plan to establish key locations around the globe where VolAir requires a presence. This is so far defined as:
– Switzerland
– Singapore
– North America – Dubai

We have been building our networks in these areas, not just in the jet space, but also in the luxury lifestyle sector as a whole, in order to be able to provide our customers with that best of breed service.

We plan to have our application and partners integrated with this by the end of Q2/ start of Q3, so it is functional and we can start to populate our network and partners with VOL tokens.

A key part of VolAir’s success will be due to the vast network of well structured partners and individuals across the sector. Ensuring not just scalability, but keeping our service at the level our customers expect. We currently have partners in the jet chartering space to allow us to provide flights for customers, as well as partners in areas to help us grow out our partner network geographically. More details of key events can be found on the roadmap.