Fanfare Token ICO (FAN Token)


The first blockchain-powered Social Commerce Community. FANFARE ICO rating – not rated.


PRE ICO Dates : 17/08/18 – 17/09/18
Ended ICO : 01/10/18 – 31/10/18

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web site FANFARE
web site FANFARE
web site FANFARE
web site FANFARE
web site FANFARE
web site FANFARE
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About FANFARE ICO (token sale)

Using the ERC-20 Fanfare Token (FAN Token), we are building a Social Commerce ecosystem where content creators, consumers and brands can connect intimately via the exchange of value through FAN Tokens.

The FAN Tokens would be used by the brands as a reward mechanism for content creators by converting their user-generated videos into shoppable videos. This allows every user-generated video to have the potential of becoming a point-of-sale for brands, thus making the entire social platform a marketplace for products.

Users would also be incentivized for time spent on watching videos created by their friends or other consumers. Users can, in turn, use the FAN Tokens they have received as rewards to purchase products from the Fanfare eStore.

Consumers who purchase products from the Fanfare eStore could further bene t from attractive discounts or additional rewards.
Fanfare Global Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based company, has created this Fanfare ecosystem.

The company is managed by serial entrepreneurs, successful business owners and professionals – from media, legal, marketing, nance and investment backgrounds with decades of combined experience – and is also backed by an investment rm.
We have already built the most comprehensive centralized Social Commerce platform – The Fanfare App.

Since its o cial global launch in August 2017, the platform has already welcomed 200,000 users, 90 Ambassadors from 28 countries, as well as the participation of over 200 Brands worldwide.

The FAN Token is built on three key cornerstones:

1. Sharing of E orts – based on trust, this co-sharing ecosystem will serve to increase user growth, build stakeholder con dence and ensure sustainability.
2. Distribution of Wealth – win-win-win economy where all stakeholders will bene t from sharing of incentives and rewards
3. Unlocking New Value – through the conversion of user-generated videos into shoppable videos.

By 2020, the Fanfare ecosystem aims to have more than 25 million users and 5,000 brands onboard, creating a total of 5 million shoppable videos, and generating US$1 billion worth of social buying.