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Cross-chain decentralized storage and CDN. Casper API ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 18/06/18 – 22/07/18
Ended ICO : 23/07/18 – 02/08/18

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web site Casper API
web site Casper API
web site Casper API
web site Casper API
web site Casper API
web site Casper API

About Casper API ICO (token sale)

Casper API creates an infrastructure to store data on any Blockchain platform with smart contract capabilities. You can store documents, photo, video, 3D model and audio files.

We are developing a universal solution that can work with any blockchain.

Emerging markets see players come and go. Integration with multiple platforms mitigates the risk of error in choosing any single partner, making our economic model more stable, which in turn allows for storing data with providers from different sources.

According to Gartner research, cloud storage market will have reached 72 billion dollars by 2020. In their research, Gartner did not discern the traditional centralized storage market from the decentralized applications market. We clearly see the new opportunity to satisfy the market demand. In 2017 alone 1092 DApps (decentralized blockchain applications) were created and this trend is becoming even more widespread in 2018.

The existing blockchain-based data storage solutions are extremely expensive and cumbersome. Traditional ones are not fit for the new, decentralized market segment. DApps are facing the need to organize decentralized data storage in a profitable, secure and innovative way. To accomplish that DApps need a decentralized infrastructure.

In the near future information will be generated by people as well as billions of IoT and AR/VR devices, drones, self-driving vehicles and robots. All that will require vast storage volumes, forming a substantial demand for this service from both traditional applications and DApps.

Casper API is attractive to traditional businesses since it allows to reduce data storage expenses three-fold compared to centralized solutions. Decentralized structure proves valuable to DApps as it provides full transaction transparency, simple integration via SDK and both secure and cost-efficient storage.

Platform overview

We use smart contracts that make interaction between clients and providers easier; P2P architecture for increased network reliability; private channels for transactions using the Lightning Network technology providing confidentiality in working with data. We also provide SDK allowing you to integrate any application, including DApps, into our platform quickly and easily.

Smart contract

The Casper API smart contract stores a service providers register, connects providers with users and performs billing procedures. The smart contract regulates the storage network and supervises the work of providers.

P2P architecture

Reliability. All the network participants connect with each other with relying on large nodes such as servers allowing for an increased resistance to DDoS attacks.
Content delivery. P2P network participants have no geographical limits. Therefore, users are able to receive their data from the nearest provider in order to have their upload and download speed increase.
Data accessibility. Several copies of one file are stored by different providers allows to download data even if one of the providers is down.


To ensure confidentiality, operations with data can be made through a private cryptographic channel between a client and a provider. The cryptographic protocol will be similar to the Lightning Network for Bitcoin. This protocol makes Casper API suitable for use in DApps on a corporate level.


Casper API provides SDK for integration, allowing application developers to access their data within the Casper API infrastructure.