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Ended ICO : 01/10/18 – 25/01/19

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Business: 15/20 Product: 1/5 WP: 8/10 
Roadmap: 7/10 Legal: 2/5 ICO terms: 2/5 
Team: 16/20 Token applying: 2/5 Promotion: 18/20 
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web site Vertex
web site Vertex
web site Vertex
web site Vertex
web site Vertex
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About Vertex ICO (token sale) is the ICO aftermarket that will allow the public to buy into verified, acquired ICOs for preferential prices, even after they have been sold out.

Vertex is creating the first market of its kind and a unique token that combines trading, venture capital experience, and fair-value based tokenization. Vertex will create a financial ecosystem that will ensure a high-end, profitable market for investments in cryptocurrency, through its platform.

Vertex offers the first aftermarket for ICO’s, which will provide investors with strong opportunities to get returns and bring more fiat resources into cryptocurrency markets, by attracting capital through its ICO vetting mechanisms and its investors. is an OTC platform and will offer tokens before they are listed on exchanges, the moment an ICO is over.


The Vertex team identified the opportunity to create a smart ICO investment process for the benefit of anyone who would like to participate in the market but lacks the expertise required or prefers a team of experts to handle the vetting process. The Vertex team and its “Token Market” will satisfy that opportunity by providing investors with a choice to buy into ICOs and trade in curated tokens that have been meticulously selected, granting special access to ICO tokens that are often sold out quickly. Through its platform Vertex will provide lower investment risk than the kind of risk the average investor faces today.

Additionally, Vertex will be the kind of platform that can appeal to potential traders that have not participated in the cryptocurrency markets yet as such, it can bring in much needed fiat liquidity into cryptocurrency markets.

Vertex will only buy into ICOs that private equity investors have evaluated. Although investment in ICOs is never guaranteed, projects in the will be thoroughly analyzed by expert investors. To go through with all this process, it is necessary to create the mechanism from the ground up, borrowing crucial elements from the world of traditional investment and integrating them into this revolutionary wave of technological development.

The fundamental characteristics of the Vertex platform will be the same as those belonging to traditional investment platforms:

  • Buyers will be able to choose which projects they invest in.
  • They will hold the tokens they decide to buy.
  • They will manage them how they see fit once they purchase them.