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Filo is developing a decentralized global community connecting service providers and consumers. FILO ICO ICO rating – not rated.


PRE ICO Dates : 01/09/18 – 30/09/18
Ended ICO : 01/11/18 – 31/12/18

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web site FILO ICO
web site FILO ICO
web site FILO ICO
web site FILO ICO
web site FILO ICO
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About FILO ICO ICO (token sale)

Filo is a decentralized global community connecting service providers and consumers. Filo features an open ecosystem with forthcoming APIs to enable service providers and entrepreneurs to easily integrate their service offerings as part of the Filo network. Initial service offerings focus on the ridesharing industry, with plans in motion for peer-to-peer services as follows.

Filo aims to reinvent the sharing economy by combining the power of blockchain technology, open-source development and a decentralized ‘swarm’ organizational model open to all.

We have already launched our centralized ride-sharing apps and we will be working on our decentralized apps for IOS and Android platforms with the following additional services:

1. FILO Food – On Demand Food Delivery
2. FILO Concierge – On Demand Concierge Services
3. FILO Plumbing – On Demand Qualified Plumbers
4. FILO Aircon – On Demand Qualified Air-Con Technicians
5. FILO Medical – On Demand Qualified Medical Practitioners for Non-Emergency cases.
6. FILO Maternity – On Demand Qualified Maternity Service Providers
7. FILO Renovation – On Demand Renovation Contractors.
8. FILO Logistics– On Demand Vans and Trucks with Manpower
9. FILO Movers – On Demand Home Moving Services
10. FILO Freight – On Demand International Freight Services

FILO’s decentralized peer to peer platform facilitates relationships between Service Providers and Consumers. It also empowers users by giving them more choice and freedom.

FILO Decentralized will be made available for users in Singapore and Malaysia. By 2020, FILO will be made available for users in Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

FILO will utilize blockchain and decentralization to create a platform that is service provider-centric, authority friendly, and provides consumers with the best user experience possible.

FILO will collaborate with various service providers to provide the On-Demand Services as per our Roadmap. All collaborations will be implemented on Our Platform under stringent regulations.

The Token

The distribution of the FILO will be presented in the form of a token sale. An amount of 1 Billion tokens will be created to start this new economy. 550 million (55% of the total supply) will be offered to the public during the Airdrop, Pre-ICO, ICO stages which would take a total of 90 days.

Users can purchase FILO using BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC during Pre-ICO and ICO period. You can also purchase BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC using SpicePay.

The total supply of FILO will be allocated as follows:
Company – 250 million (25%)
Team – 50 million (5%)
Airdrop – 50 million (5%)
Private Investors: 200 million (20%) Pre – ICO – 100 million (10%)
ICO – 200 million (20%)
Consultant – 150 million (15%)