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PRE ICO Dates : 15/07/18 – 01/08/18
Active ICO : 01/08/18 – 30/09/18

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web site DeStream
web site DeStream
web site DeStream
web site DeStream
web site DeStream
web site DeStream
ICO Traffic Rank by Alexa: 1071335
Rank in VN – 64456, Rank in IN – 195368, Rank in ID – 106716, Rank in BD – 61618, Rank in RU – 169878, Rank in UA – 165670, Rank in BY – 81935

The main aim of project DeStream is establishing a decentralized global platform for the streaming market that will allow maximizing the productivity of streamers, diversifying their activities and securing start-up capital. We are establishing an innovative platform that will act as an ecosystem for streamers. The use of blockchain technology will allow us to reduce transaction fees by more than twofold.

Decentralization will allow us to exclude payment systems from the process and reduce numerous transactions costs. Thus, we will improve the quality of the content and the streamers will be allowed to focus on creation, instead of operational activities.


— A single access point for streamers/ viewers/advertisers;
— A significant decrease of transaction costs (up to 0.77%);
— The possibility of paying for streaming platform services directly through DeStream;
— The use of a single overlay hub (a single overlay setup for all platforms that support an overlay, as well as the possibility to access platforms that don’t support an overlay, through mobile apps);
— About a hundred pre-configured smart contracts for interaction between ecosystem participants;
— The possibility of creating individual smart contracts with unique algorithms for advanced users;
— Simplicity of creation of smart contracts (without programming skills or technical background);
— Management of relationships between advertisers and streamers through smart contracts;
— Maintaining the balance between the revenues of streaming platforms and a huge number of integrated services;
— A built-in escrow service on the platform;
— The possibility of using DeStream Tokens to purchase food, household appliances and other goods;
— The possibility of trading virtual items in the domestic marketplace and on affiliate platforms


As such, DeStream is an ecosystem that provides enormous opportunities for the integration of streaming platforms, their development and extension of their functionality, and caters to most of the professional needs of a streamer, including a quick profit. This service offers viewers a new level of communication and interaction with the streamers, as well as an effective advertising channel with powerful analytical tools to advertisers.

Simply put, DeStream is a superstructure built over existing streaming services, adding new interactivity with viewers and a financial tool for donations and payments for services within the ecosystem.