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Zwoop is revolutionizing e-commerce with its AI and blockchain enabled find engine . Zwoop ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 02/08/18 – 20/09/18

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About Zwoop ICO (token sale)

Zwoop is a revolutionary e-commerce FIND ENGINE. It combines blockchain, AI and advanced machine learning to remove the frustrations, inefficiencies and unfairness of e-commerce, saving shoppers time and money and giving them complete control of their personal data.

  • Zwoop will achieve mass market adoption by solving real problems for the world’s online shoppers;
  • It is built on a token economics ecosystem that works, balancing supply and demand;
  • The product is ready following 18 months of development;

Zwoop’s key benefits for the world’s online shoppers:

  • We provide unrestricted, unbiased and unbeatable access to the whole world of e-commerce.
  • We FIND available products that match a shopper’s precise needs – model, size, colour, fabric etc.
  • We show them the best deals available anywhere online, inclusive of shipping and taxes.
  • We make the buying process simpler and faster, enabling one-click checkout from any retailer and payments in Fiat, Zwoop tokens or major cryptocurrencies.
  • We give them control of their personal data.
  • We are not a search engine, shop or a marketplace – but a smarter way of shopping online.

ZWP Token

Zwoop’s deep understanding of the e-commerce environment is developed through a combination of AI and advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence. This is supported by the Zwoop blockchain and the Zwoop Token (ZWP).

Adding to the core elements of the Zwoop FIND ENGINE, the use of the blockchain and ZWP token will allow:

  • Consumers to make purchases using major cryptocurrencies and ZWP (in addition to Fiat) even when the merchant does not accept crypto. This creates real-world relevance for cryptocurrencies.
  • Consumers to control access to their personal shopping data.
  • Consumers to access a verified, tokenised peer-to-peer market.
  • Merchants to provide personalised offers, targeted and auditable advertising and token-based reward programmes.
  • Crawling partners to earn rewards for participating in the Zwoop crawling pool.