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PRE ICO Dates : 04/08/18 – 14/09/18
Ended ICO : 15/09/18 – 15/10/18

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web site WooshCoin
web site WooshCoin
web site WooshCoin
web site WooshCoin
web site WooshCoin
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Rank in IN – 240045, Rank in MA – 57178

About WooshCoin ICO (token sale)

WooshCoin was created with the desire to make a cryptocurrency that can actually be used, and not just held for speculation purposes. We see far more uses for blockchain technology than merely keeping track of the trading back and fourth of useless tokens. So we are creating an entire eco system of innovative, enterprise level products and services that any holder of WooshCoin can actually spend their coins on.

We will be using the WooshCoin blockchain as the fundamental link between all of our products and services. And as such as more products and services are released and used, the more WooshCoin will increase in value. This partnered along with technical innovations to our blockchain technology and methodology, the ability to spend WooshCoin at brick and mortar and online retailers, as well as a cryptocurrency exchange built directly into all WooshCoin wallets. WooshCoin is poised to become the only coin with measurable value, and the number one cryptocurrency for the foreseeable future.


Members can easily transfer WooshCoin between user wallets without needing to list on the exchange

Launching in Feb 2019. Members can trade and exchange WooshCoin to ETH, BTC, and other Crypto Currencies from directly inside their wallets.

WooshCoin and its blockchain will be the underlying foundation of many enterprise level products and services. Allowing the active spending of WooshCoin on services, which will continue to drive up the value of WooshCoins being held by users.