CryptoLeaf ICO (CLF Token)


Tokenized equity crowdfunding platform providing funding for green companies, initiatives and projects worldwide. CryptoLeaf ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 01/08/18 – 12/08/18
Ended ICO : 03/09/18 – 02/10/18

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web site CryptoLeaf
web site CryptoLeaf
web site CryptoLeaf
web site CryptoLeaf
web site CryptoLeaf
web site CryptoLeaf
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About CryptoLeaf ICO (token sale)

About Cryptoleaf ICO

Creating tokens remains a difficult process, especially for the many thousands of businesses in non-fin-tech industries, for example manufacturing, agriculture or renewable energy. Not every company can benefit from creating their own tokens. And how can they differentiate themselves from fraudulent token offers? This is where cryptoleaf comes in.

Cryptoleaf makes it possible for everyone to help fund economically as well as environmentally sound projects.

Project contributors further benefit from revenue sharing from each successful project.

We have implemented a variety of risk reducing factors that are unique to our platform. All projects we list have undergone a strict due diligence process, conducted by our team of experts in finance, engineering and innovation.

In addition, listed projects receive their funding in stages, based on achieving their milestones. Continuation of funding is always decided by all project contributors, so it’s in your hands!

More control and less risk for you. That is our promise to you.

CLF Token

CryptoLeaf (CLF) tokens are tokens to be used in CryptoLeaf’s blockchain-based platform and value ecosystem. They are not refundable, not securities or anything similar. There is no promise of future performance. There is no suggestion or promise that CryptoLeaf tokens have or will hold a particular value. CryptoLeaf tokens give no rights in any entity and do not represent participation in any entity. CryptoLeaf tokens are sold as a functional utility. Any profit received by an entity that issued CryptoLeaf tokens may be spent without conditions.