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Token-based crowdsourcing platform for blockchain and non-blockchain users. CPollo ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 20/08/18 – 01/10/18

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About CPollo ICO (token sale)

The mission of CPollo is to offer an easier and a more efficient way for anyone to initiate or contribute to Initial Coin Offerings. CPollo will allow for a transparent and auditable ledger where everyone will have the ability to watch an ICO go from their early stages through the crowdsale and post-crowdsale. The funds raised by the ICO will be allocated as initially stated in the contract. No longer will the investor community have to fret over whether or not the ICO is running off and taking the funds because they will be locked in a smart contract that allows only a predetermined amount (determined by the ICO team during the pre-ICO phase and made public) will be available to spend. The deployment of the rest of the funds is then decided upon by the investors. If consensus is struggling to be reached then the token holders will act as a community and a vote will be held. There are many scenarios where this will benefit both the ICO’s and the investor community.

What is Cpollo?

Cpollo is a platform which defines the technical bounds of an open or closed source project. The Cpollo Platform aims to engage in technical consulting, through the provision of a crowdfunding/sourcing platform that permits the issuance of conditional tokens from templates.

Using traditional networking and acquisition techniques to find technical and managerial talent is a difficult task. Thus, bringing aboard talented members has become difficult for core teams, especially without the availability of a considerable sufficient initial capital. Even when they (the core teams) decide to share stock in the project (tokens), it is still difficult for them to provide long-term incentive with project members, internationally or at a cheaper rate.

The types of fundraising solutions for new products and services obtainable in today’s world are not only slow, but they also lack economic sustainability. Likewise, accepting payments has become difficult for some individuals, due varying accessibility to banking systems.

Consequently, we are committed to creating an ecosystem that gives anyone with the talent and passion for running an crypto company the opportunity, no matter where they are in the world, to quickly be part of a global project, through the use of a decentralized infrastructure called the blockchain.

The nature of the blockchain, as a permissionless and decentralized value network, means that several new blockchain-related projects can now issue new tokens and sell tokens to the public. With such a mechanism in place, it is now possible for supporters to participate in low-risk investments of new ventures and start-ups. In the same way, new enterprises and startups can expand their supporters’ base globally, thus giving them a higher capability to fundraise substantial amounts in short periods.

However, for individuals that would like to issue a token and sell or pay tokens for their project’s financing, marketing or recruitment, there is the need for blockchain knowledge, to better tackle technical issues and global legal problems. These hassles are even more common in non-blockchain projects.

In addressing the problems highlighted above, Cpollo alleviates the difficulty faced in accessing the token-funding economy for innovative projects (non-blockchain projects inclusive). This will be achieved by offering a crowdfunding infrastructure as well as no coding skills required templates.

Token information

Token name: Cpollo
Token symbol: CPLO
Token Type: ERC-20
Start Date: August 20th, 2018
Total number of tokens: 20,000,000,000
Price: 200,000 CPLO per 1 ETH (0.000005 ETH per CPLO)